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Aviator Ground Handling DVD


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Available FREE if you purchase a glider from us!!

Watch the Trailer Here:

 HOW TO KITE – Aviator Ground Handling DVD Trailer

As our school has grown and our Alliance partners become more and more booked into the future we wanted to find a way to help folks like YOU get started on the right foot and help you become a better student and better pilot down the road.

In early June, we hired a production team from Philadelphia to come and film us for several days using their incredible RED cameras. We wanted to make a solid video that would be useful for students before they came to complete their training.

See, learning to launch is the hardest part of flying a paramotor. And while there are lots of other things we teach at our Aviator and Alliance schools, we put a ton of emphasis on learning proper glider control so you can look like a master pilot early on in your flying career.

As our training delay has increased we’ve frequently seen people who want to get started kiting on their own before training… And until now, we’ve discouraged it. Usually learning to kite on your own is a recipe for frustration and a near guarantee of learning bad habits and techniques that later take much longer to correct. Our new video is designed to change all of that.

With your investment into a new (or used) glider from Aviator, you’ll receive our nearly 2 hour video in which we detail our system for ground handling… Including:

  • How to Clip In
  • Reverse Kiting
  • Forward Kiting
  • Site Selection
  • Weather & Safety

This is not at all meant to be a replacement for paramotor training… But rather, it is designed to help you become the best student you can be and to PREPARE you for your upcoming training.

So, if you’d like to get started in the fun, sometimes frustrating, and incredibly satisfying world of ground handling simply contact us to order your glider and the DVD will be included FREE…. Or, if you already have a glider you can purchase the video separately.

We must remind you that this video is NOT a replacement for training with an experienced paramotor school. We deeply encourage you to use this as a tool for your training but not to even CONSIDER flying without getting proper training.

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