Master Powered Paragliding 4: Advanced Landing

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Master Powered Paragliding 4: Advanced Landing


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Master Powered Paragliding 4 Advanced Landing is the fourth and final film in the learn to paramotor DVD series from Jeff Goin, the well-known US instructor.

Master Powered Paragliding 4 provides pilots with the tools to master landing with style, grace and accuracy every time.

Using some of the best pilots in the world, it shows and explains techniques that can dramatically increase success at making soft, stand up landings consistently and on target.”

Using real-life footage as well as 2D and 3D animation, the film covers:

  • Handling engine failures on landing
  • Landing on hills
  • Spot landing with and without power
  • One-step landings
  • Slider landings
  • Crosswind landings
  • Turbulent landings
  • Landing with wheels and more.

Technical spec:

  • Running time 76 minutes
  • Plus bonus feature (seven minutes)
  • Slimline case
  • Widescreen 1:16

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