Powered Paragliding Bible 5

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Powered Paragliding Bible 5


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The Powered Paragliding Bible 5th Edition builds on Paramotoring’s most popular training manual and reference guide. Building on the previous successful four editions, you will learn about new techniques, enjoy improved color illustrations and enhanced versions of existing ones, which will make the subject come to life in an easy-reading style.

The book guides a pilot from the first look at the equipment through first flight and well beyond. Experienced pilots will appreciate the entire section devoted to mastering Powered Paragliding. Jeff has drawn from his experience as multiple time U.S. Champion and, more importantly, by learning from our sports most successful instructors. New photographic and illustrative techniques help make difficult concepts emerge through the fog. It’s full of vivid 4-color pictures and illustrations covering everything from pulling the wing out, to mastering many finer points.

Besides the flying, there is thorough, concise coverage of airspace and rules as they apply to paramotor pilots, aerodynamics, choosing gear and coverage of new wing and motor technologies. Chapters 1 through 7 take you through first flights. Later Chapters offer experienced pilots new tools to improve skills and safety.

This book is NOT meant for self-training, an endeavor that has proven expensive and dangerous. But it is an excellent tool for those who want to be responsible, really learn the sport, learn its nuances, understand the rules and gain life-saving tips.

If you are getting into the sport or are just curious about what you may be in for, then this is The Go-To Book on Powered Paragliding.


Without doubt, the most comprehensive guide to paramotor flight in the known universe. This book is required reading for any powered paragliding student and offers important lessons for experienced pilots as well. It’s pages are glossy and filled with excellent photos and graphs for easy reading and enjoyable study sessions… We cannot encourage you to buy this book enough! TRULY worth your time… Enjoy!

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