Aviator / Team Wendy Paramotor Helmet

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Aviator / Team Wendy Paramotor Helmet



After an awful lot of effort, we are proud to present the latest in our “kitchen sink” helmet series. This helmet has been designed to support the most demanding needs of paramotor pilots today.

It allows you to utilize both a 2-meter radio and an Av-band. To listen to music seamlessly (or make important work calls) through a no-snag Bluetooth component at the same time, all while recording your own live commentaries onto your favorite action camera.

Sidetone allows you to listen to yourself talk, and the thickest gel cups we’ve found leave your motor noise behind.

Partner all of that with our new favorite helmet design. Revered by Special Forces, Delta, the Marines, and Search and Rescue crews all over the US, Team Wendy makes some of the finest helmets available anywhere.

Our new ear cups are paired with Team Wendy EXFIL SAR Backcountry Helmets with Rails and an Action Camera Mount.

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Weight 4.34375 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 8 in


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