Capri Tools 1/4-in 50-250 Inch Pound Torque Wrench, Industrial Series

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Capri Tools 1/4-in 50-250 Inch Pound Torque Wrench, Industrial Series


Capri Tools 1/4-in 50-250 Inch

With a 1/4-in drive and +/- 3% clockwise accuracy, this torque wrench surpasses professional quality and meets industrial quality where every detail counts.
Premium components, lubricants and technologically advanced internal mechanisms are utilized to make for a powerful torque wrench that excels in daily long-term industrial use.
The entire body is 100% steel and feels solid in your hand with the knurled handles non-slip grip. The engraved in-lb and nm. dual scale provides a vivid and clear reading of the measurement.
Adjustment is available anywhere between 50-250 in-lbs or 6.8-27.1 nm.
As a testament to its quality, each of our torque wrenches comes with an individualized certificate of conformance.
  • 1/4-in drive with torque range of 50-250 in-lbs or 6.8-27.1 nm
  • Premium components and advanced technology for daily long-term industrial use
  • Engraved dual torque scale markings (no fading) and bi-directional calibration
  • +/- 3% clockwise accuracy, +/- 6% counter-clockwise accuracy
  • Equipped with positive lock pull-down ring and quick release button
  • All steel body and non-slip knurled handle for maximum grip

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