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** Items does not come with engine.**

The Flash Cruiser is the evolution of its predecessor: the “Trike Flash”  from which it inherits its lightness, simplicity and affordability; with this trike it is possible to take-off and landing on wheels with a paramotor hooked to a suitably sized paraglider.

The characteristic of this trike is in its simplicity of assembly, disassembly and transport on any car and in addition, the very low center of gravity gives great stability in take-off, during taxiing and landing phases.

This trike is aimed at those who want to make the paramotor flight a truly comfortable flight with the possibility of making comfortable and safe two-seater flights, it is sold without engine and it is possible to apply to it all Fly Products range paramotors models.

It is designed to be used simply with the equipment in own possession or, and this is its strong point, also purchasing the various options that greatly improve the comfort and versatility, such as:

– Ergonomic seat very comfortable to take advantage of the new foot support points, perfect for long single-seater flights
– A-Assist kit for a valid help to the initial lifting of the wing in take-off
– Cockpit dashboard for mounting instrumentation already in possession or purchasable together
-Tandem fork kit to use the trike also in two-seat version
-16 liters extra tank  with support (mono version only) for greater autonomy

*Price does not include accessories*

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Weight 150.000319 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 28 × 27 in

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