Parajet Maverick Lite Trike

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Parajet Maverick Lite Trike


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Seductively styled and exquisitely finished with sleek, graceful lines and fun coursing through its veins, the Maverick Lite Trike generates the enthusiasm and peace of mind that it can take anything you throw at it, but still has the essence of playful maneuverability you’ve come to expect and love from Parajet. Exhilarating to fly, it’s handling precise and confidence-inspiring. The naked titanium body is a sculpture revealing a wide, bifurcated geometry that combines stiffness, agility, and that quality of natural springiness and damping to almost guarantee there’s no limit to your next airborne adventures!


The Maverick Lite Trike’s stunning design features also convince with poise and control. A low center of gravity bifurcated chassis and wide construction achieves impressive straight-line and tilt-resistant stability designed to inspire confidence, while deep-dish hubs widen the tire profile providing float and traction over all surfaces.

As pace increases handling remains controlled, predictable, and light. The self-centering steering system and soft, forgiving flex of the rear axles dissipate vibrations and soak up undulations in the terrain to give a comfortable and safe feel, even at take-off and landing speeds.


We’ve adorned the Lite Trike with optimum strength-to-weight ratio Trampa hubs fitted with 12” Duro tires. The straight-cut profile makes them the perfect grip option for easy rolling and encourages the trike to track in a straight line.


The Lite Trike’s innovative weight-shift system provides an intuitive weight distribution experience for more precise and responsive handling than ever before so that nothing comes between you and the thrill of being in the air.


Achieve your perfect launch with the help of unique sprung riser stays that keep lines taut and secure during setup and allow predictably, staged release for smooth inflation and reduced snagging that often ends in a failed take-off.


When fast setup matters, the adjustable and easy-to-use clamping system, with super-secure quick-release cam levers, allows quick and repeatable positioning of your Maverick and ensures it remains in the optimum position at all times.


The three-part outer ring provides additional tensile strength and flex-resistance during powered launches. Enjoy safer, smooth, precise take-offs that give you the confidence to sit back and relax while accelerating into the sky.

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Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 24 in

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