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Iris No BS Throttle



Iris No BS Throttle

No bulk. No snags. Just a refined throttle that won’t interfere with flying.

Available in Manual or E start version **some engines may require additional wiring. Iris E-start is a two wire setup, check your wiring diagram for compatibility 


About Iris Throttles:

When designing this throttle, there was only one goal: to make a perfect throttle that responds to your input but doesn’t interfere with your flying. We promise that you will have an experience like you’ve never had before. It’s hard to believe but with the 2022 updates we feel like make this throttle perfect. It’s extremely comfortable, light, sits tightly in your hand with the lever exactly where it needs to be. It’s beautiful and stylish. The kill switch is easy and intuitive to find yet it won’t get pressed without your intent. The strap is soft and comfortable and comes in elastic and non-elastic versions (both adjustable).

2022 Updates:

  • Lighter and cleaner overall build with perfected fit/finish
  • New high quality multi strand silicone wire with a simplified one wire connection
  • Better inner stainless throttle cable
  • Cruise Control lever now matches sleeve color
  • Fully Plug-n-Play for most engines (no more crimping or zip-ties)
  • Permanently integrated Velcro frame attachment straps
  • Improved serviceability (manual start model)
  • The last 2.5″ of the cable are bendable to accommodate E-Start engines with less install room
  • The carbon fiber tubes are now semi-matte finish. This finish has a much higher outside dimensional tolerance for consistent fitment between the caps and the main tube


  • The throttle can be switched from right to left handed operation (including cruise control and e-start models)
  • The lever comes with a notch which lets you trim it for a more aggressive/ergonomic 2-finger operation or keep it as is for precise, 3-finger control
  • The strap can easily be adjusted, even in flight. You can pick between a standard strap or elastic
  • All-composite construction. This throttle is light and comfortable and doesn’t freeze your hands in winter flying

    Optional Cruise Control:

    The cruise control lever is engaged by rotating it forward. It requires very light pressure to hold the lever (the lever supports squeeze the lever from both sides and there is a lot of nylon-on-nylon surface area in contact) which means that the RPM can actually be adjusted while engaged by simply moving the lever and in case of an emergency you can just push the lever back to to idle with minimal effort.

    The lever is adjustable (it’s spring loaded so you can pull it away from the body and rotate it into any position) and it cannot undo itself because there is a hard stop so it cannot come off.

Premium Materials and Lightweight Construction

The main tube is made from carbon fiber. The lever and top/bottom bodies are made from a durable and lightweight Nylon material. No shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing of this product and it’s proudly 100% produced and finished in-house in the USA. It comes backed by a one year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in

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