Aviator Paramotor


In addition to our full-time staff, we have a dedicated training facility with a massive flying site and use the most state-of-the-art training tactics available today.

18 to 60 height weight proportionate, exercises regularly and can lift and move with  45-60lbs on your back

Due to manufacturer guidelines and in order to provide a safe training experience, Aviator Paramotor schools operate under these guidelines regarding weight:

  • Our established safe training limit is 250lbs.

  • We require all students to be under/at 250lbs.

We uphold this policy in the following ways:

  • At 30 days, students 225lbs and over will be notified to provide confirmation that the standard has been met.

  • At the start of each session, our students weigh in.

*Failure to meet the weight requirements will result in dismissal of the student from the training session.

6 students per class, twice a month classes with 4 instructors ensure our students get as much personal attention as needed.

Powered paragliding is by far the CHEAPEST way to fly! Training is only $3,640 and then you can expect to spend around $12,000 for your gear.

We have an awesome facility at the Lake Wales Municipal Airport in Lake Wales(can you say “Year round flying?!”).

Our training course always begins on a Saturday and runs for 14 days straight.

Yep! Check out Financing to learn more.

We understand that schedules change and things come up. If you’re booked in one of our classes and need to cancel, we will refund all training payments that have been paid until 28 days prior to class, at which time we will refund all but the $750 deposit. Between 28 days and 8 days is a refund of all payments less the deposit and a $150 processing fee. At 7 days prior to class, the full training fee is non-refundable.

*Please note, the $750 deposit is NON-refundable at any time.

Did we leave anything out?