Aviator Paramotor

Do you live for film making? Shoot video of everything that happens in your world and love every bit of the editing process? Are you adventurous at heart? Seeking to constantly “get out there” and do more with your life?

We are seeking someone to join our team who lives for the challenges of making films.

Our mission at Aviator is to inspire people to fully embrace their lives, passions, and adventuresome spirit through the sport of paramotoring. We achieve this by offering only the very best training, products, and support through our amazing Aviator team. We believe the best person for this position will offer all of the job summary requirements as well as a passion for aviation and a desire for adventure with a servants heart. To see if you are a good fit, check us out at www.youtube.com/Aviator

As chief filmmaker at Aviator you will be responsible for the creation and output of all of our marketing content. An ideal candidate will be comfortable with modern video camera gear and editing software with an understanding of social media growth tactics.

Your mission will include (but will not be limited to):

  • Filming high quality video for assorted usage (in studio, and on the field as well as joining our team on adventures around the globe)

  • Efficiently editing video for release on YouTube and Social Media.

  • Posting engaging content on Social Media daily.

  • Running the technical side of our “Ask Aviator Livestream” and podcast weekly (currently, Tuesdays @ 6PM).

  • Creating email campaigns for the consistent re-engaging of prospects.

  • Maintaining an orderly email list.


The ideal candidate possess the following qualifications:

  • 2 – 3 years experience filming and editing video content (recent)

  • Extensive drone operation experience (Class 107 license a plus)


We have made films of all sorts. From travel vlogs, to product reviews, and full length documentaries. We’re hiring a filmmaker to exponentially increase the amount, and quality of the content we release. If you live for film and want to join our rapidly growing, incredible Aviator team, we’d love to chat with you.

The position is full time and will be primarily based in Lake Wales, FL though applicants should have the expectation for a significant amount of travel both in the United States and abroad.

As Aviator has grown, we’ve done our best to offer attractive “perks” for our employees. We match contributions up to the legal maximum of 3%. Offer flight training at a deeply discounted rate (fixed wing, and paramotor) as well as an aggressive bonus structure.

Primary compensation will vary depending on the applicant’s experience and their fit with our culture. Each applicant will be asked to complete a probationary test period during which, the salary will range between $16 and $24 per hour depending on experience.


Contact Us for more information or to apply.