Ozone Road Runner Ground Handling Wing


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The Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but is also easy to use in light or zero wind conditions.

A reinforced leading edge makes inflation easy. The Roadrunner’s inflation characteristics are progressive and predictable. A two-riser system with split-A design allows training of various launch, control, and glider-disabling techniques. Magnet-attached brake handles are easy to grab, and re-place on the risers, while training.

Whether you are training for high wind or zero-wind launches, the Roadrunner allows a fun and easy progression. In strong wind the wing has no over-shooting tendencies, and doesn’t generate too much lift either. In zero wind, it rises gently and with minimal effort.

Schools will love the ease of use and the cost-savings. Save your “flight” wings for flying, instead of wearing them out for ground-handling. The Roadrunner was designed from the start with price in mind, with the goal to increase training efficiency while lowering costs for schools.

Kids love it too! Introduce younger and lighter pilots to the joys of kiting.


“I would like to say though that I’m so happy I left with the Roadrunner. If it’s not already in the works I’d like to recommend ( for whatever my recommendation is worth)  to you guys that you really push the roadrunner. I’ve been able to kite and have meaningful practice nearly every day since I left. It has really helped with the potential paradepression I could have had during the wait for my wing. Taking it out everyday and going through the motions, set up, hand kiting, forward launches, reverse launches. All these things have made this time feel like an extension of the course rather than a waiting game for the wing. I’m also feeling my comfort level rise to a point that I’m just excited for my first flight at home, not nervous that the training wheels are now off……………. I just think that for someone who maybe thinks the price tag is a little high for a “training” only wing, it’s a tough pill to swallow. If they only knew the crazy amount of practice and experience that this wing could offer.”
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