Aviator Paramotor


What’s Your Superpower?
For Us At Aviator, It’s Our Students

We believe in super human abilities, defying the odds, and overcoming fears through flight. We would be nothing without our students, they are our ultimate superpower.

Since 2011, we’ve made teaching our primary focus. Others have put their priority on the gear they sell, how awesome they are as pilots, or how cool they are. We wanted one thing as a priority, ONLY… Our students experience.

Our Mission

Here at Aviator, we believe our purpose on this planet is to radically change lives and make the world a better place through aviation. Our mission is to inspire people to fully embrace themselves, their passions, and their adventurous spirit through paramotoring.
Check out some of our student's stories below!
“When you train at Aviator PPG, you get to join an awesome family! Everyone I've met in this sport is pasionate about it. That certainly becomes obvious about the staff there after the first day of class. Thank you so much for teaching me this life changing sport and accepting me into your family Aviator! Truly a great experience learning to fly my butt fan with you!”
– Brian Waller
“I went to AviatorPPG after researching flight schools, and they were the best. I wanted to fly my whole life, but life events always came up and got in the way. The world has a tendency to make you put important dreams on the back burner. Going to AviatorPPG I had committed to achieving that dream, and that first flight where the instructor said, "Full Power!" and I lifted off the ground... was magical. I was laughing most of the flight. The ability to surprise yourself, to do what you had written off as unrealistic years ago, is a wonderful thing. AviatorPPG taught me about airspace, wings, motors, and most importantly, that it's not too late.”
– Shane M.
“Flying was liberating…”
– Matt
“I arrived for training at the Aviator Paramotor School in Dunnellon, Florida, expecting to leave 14 days later with the necessary skills and confidence to fly a Paramotor on my own after returning to my home in South Carolina. I left with much more than expected. I not only left with the skills, knowledge, and confidence that I needed, I met many wonderful new friends and gained a second family. It was said that the 14 days would be a life changing experience, I can personally affirm that this is absolutely true. I would recommend and invite anyone to join our Family!”
– Mike S.
‘I would like to say though that I'm so happy I left with the Roadrunner. If it's not already in the works I'd like to recommend ( for whatever my recommendation is worth) to you guys that you really push the roadrunner. I've been able to kite and have meaningful practice nearly every day since I left. It has really helped with the potential paradepression I could have had during the wait for my wing. Taking it out everyday and going through the motions, set up, hand kiting, forward launches, reverse launches. All these things have made this time feel like an extension of the course rather than a waiting game for the wing. I'm also feeling my comfort level rise to a point that I'm just excited for my first flight at home, not nervous that the training wheels are now off. Not trying to tell you guys what to do, because you obviously don't need it. I have to say your course is one of the best courses/ experiences of my entire life. I just think that for someone who maybe thinks the price tag is a little high for a ‘training’ only wing, it's a tough pill to swallow. If they only knew the crazy amount of practice and experience that this wing could offer. Just thought I'd share. Thanks again for everything.”
– Walt
“Fantastic flight school for paragliders. The instructors are safety minded, promote mass amount of instruction in the air and on the ground. They always have a positive attitude and never critical about competitors. All are professional and create the most knowledgeable well trained and safest pilots.”
– William Gleason
“Flying was pretty sweet. I don’t really have the words to describe it. I just know that I want to keep doing it.”
- Eric S.
Conscientious experts in PPG. Safety is a priority.
- Henry Kuhlman
Travis, Eric and especially Sebastian are the best. They have helped me countless times on the phone, by text, and always willing to give me advice and quickly and efficiently send me the parts I need to fly in beautiful San Diego, CA. Thanks guys for always having my back, and getting me back in the sky. And sorry for all those Saturday texts, when I couldn't figure out what to do. Love your products and your excellent service. I gotta go fly...
-Mark Walters
The Gurus of teaching PPG !!!! Great people, you are made to feel like family!! 5 Stars!
-William Jordan