Yes, there are other wing bags out there – even small, “travel-friendly” ones

Let’s talk about wing bags! Specifically downsized, “travel-friendly” alternatives to the standard sizes provided by manufacturers. Obviously, we all need one. Ensuring our gliders are kept safe and sealed from dirt, debris, and anything else that has the potential to snag or tear the wing – even protecting it from detrimental UV rays – is of the highest priority. But are there equally protective, slighter options out there other than those manufacturer standards? The answer is yes! There are several wing bag options available – and there’s even a few available through Aviator.

The original bags that come with each wing are typically good, however they tend to be large. While they’re durable sometimes they’re a bit cumbersome to tote from place to place, especially if you have a small vehicle. However below are two options that are lighter, smaller, and all-around more portable than standard-sized bags. Making for more convenient storage, travel, and on the whole saving you energy because you aren’t having to maneuver an overly large sack.

The Aviator Take-Along Stuff Sack:

This bag is perfect for the minimalist trying to shed weight, as it’s designed to fold down and fit into a harness pocket – which is ideal for those cross country flights with stops in-between. Offering a “bare essentials” approach to storage with it’s easy compartmentalization, this bag likewise not only weighs less because of its size, but also because it’s made of light-weight ripstop fabric. At a 60” diameter, it’s suitable for up to a 31 square meter glider. Without compromising on strength, it’s still durable enough to be used as a daily stuff bag. The sack is designed for speed packing, and additionally touts a single drawstring that enables that quick cleanup.

Single drawstring allows for quick stowing.

On the whole, there are no frills, it’s clean, simple, and to the point; the Take-Along Stuff Sack is perfect for the minimalist on the go, but additionally offers a slimmer option to regular-sized bags in everyday use.

It’s priced at $65 at the Aviator Store, check it out here:

The Aviator Standard Stuff Sack:

A slight upgrade from the Take-Along sack, the Standard Stuff Sack is also a decent option for those trying to scale down. At the same 60” diameter, with the same ability to hold up to a 31 square meter glider, what sets it apart from the Take-Along is the thickness of the bag as it’s made of 100% lightweight Nylon. It feels slightly more durable, however is less flexible than its minimalist counterpart – yet still offers better packability and portability than standard bags. This may possibly be a good compromise for those wanting to downsize, without getting down to the bare essentials. 

This bag also promises speed packing technology for easy collection of your wing. What adds slightly to its weight is that along with a single drawstring, it also comes with a center buckle for added security. Other features include two sturdy handles for easy carry, and a side pocket to safely stow your pilot ID in.

Easy grip handles and drawstring make toting easier.

There’s an added buckle for extra security.

Priced at $80, check out this item here:


Shopping for the right bag to protect one of your biggest investments – your wing – is an important task. Knowing there’s more than one safe, secure option out there makes fitting flying into your lifestyle a lot more convenient.

So, maybe you’re looking to steadily shave off weight from your cross country flights or perhaps you simply need more space as you transport your paramotor and equipment to the next destination. These bags both qualify as efficient alternatives to make your travels smoother. For the minimalists on the go or the space conscious flyers, saving time and energy as you figure out how and where you’ll pack your bag just got a lot easier.