Before filling out and submitting, please carefully read the warranty chapter in the user manual of your engine.

We do not authorize any kind of operation on the engine after the damage has occurred.

The warranty request must be made and sent within a week from the moment the engine was damaged.

Just contact us as soon as possible and follow our instructions.


● Fill out the following form strictly with all the information required:

■ Picture of the engine serial number (can be found below the carburetor

■ Picture of the exhaust serial number (can be found at the back of the exhaust)

■ Two or more pictures of the damaged part without disassembling it;

■ 2 or more pictures of the bronze bushings (if exhaust problem only)

■ A short video which shows the problem;

■ 2 or more pictures of the engine rubber mounts and exhaust rubber mounts (if exhaust or motor issue)

■ Two or more pictures of the complete and assembled paramotor;

■ Two or more pictures of the propeller used with the engine, including the propeller code.

We will investigate about the kind of damage, the possible causes and responsibility. The replacement parts will be shipped only after our acknowledgement of the warranty.

Evaluation times of each warranty claim will depend on the accuracy of the information received as well as the collaboration and quickness of the customer.


All damaged parts for which the warranty replacement has been accepted have to be returned to our company for fiscal reasons.

If necessary, for a correct assessment of the damage, we may ask to receive urgently the damaged parts or the complete engine.

We remind you that all the shipping cost will be charged to the customer (both the shipping costs for receiving the damaged parts and the shipping costs for sending the replaced parts).

This condition concerns the Vittorazi Motors company as well as the assistance centers, dealers and manufacturers.

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