Our team is made up of people who live and breathe aviation and service. True Aviators. 


This. Is. My. LIFE.

This. Is. My. LIFE.

I'm Eric Farewell: husband, father, and adventurer born and raised in Central Florida.
Flying is all I ever dreamt of doing. From my earliest memories flying aerobatics with my grandfather to years spent teaching people to fly fixed wing ultra lights, I've had a life long fascination with flight.

I’ve spent the past couple of years discovering how best to teach paramotoring, realizing that each person is individual in what they do and the pace that they learn. So, I’ve worked hard to be a personal and hands-on teacher, allowing me to better understand my students needs and to teach them more effectively. I still do my very best to fly at least five days a week, and often travel around the world to fly exhibitions and events… Sharing the beauty and joy of paramotoring with many!

As a student, you can expect an intimate training atmosphere in a sport with ever increasing popularity. I’ll teach you everything from the basics of safety and procedure, to the confidence and wisdom needed to fly at a higher level. And… I’ll do it all at your pace. I’m truly honored that my former students are often complimented on their graceful flying skills and their respect for the safety of the sport.

My heart has always been in the clouds, I hope to show you why I enjoy it so much.

Here To Serve,

-Eric Farewell

This is our Highly Qualified School Manager, Chris:


Chris Garrison and lives on the east coast of Florida next to Kennedy Space Center and is a retired Mechanical Engineer from SpaceX (ask him about Elon Musk).

He grew up immersed in aviation and earned a private pilots license at age 17, commercial at 18. He also flew ultralights for several years and also gave flight instruction (USUA certified flight instructor). He has MANY skydiving jumps and many many paramotor flights and his calm demenor and his careful attention to detail makes him a rockstar instructor!

This is our Marketing Director, John:


John was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and has no background in or knowledge of aviation. He just LOVES flying these butt fans! John joined the team in February 2019 and immediately started implementing new systems that allow Aviator to serve customers like you more efficiently. He also runs the livestream.

John’s favorite part about his role at Aviator is that he gets to be the first point of contact for most students!

John’s favorite part about life in general is that he is married to Angelina (see below).


This Is Our Operations Director, Angelina:

Angelina is married to John and is the mother of two beautiful dogs name Ducky and Brady.

She isn’t a paramotor pilot yet but she LOVES being surrounded by people that are passionate about aviation and she really enjoys helping people get a motor and wing to take home and spread that passion with their friends and family.