Flying at home is an adventure in itself. Exploring local areas previously known to you from a completely different perspective makes the world seem new and wild. But for us, flying in new locations makes our hearts beat with the thrill of the unknown. Discovering hidden secrets unseen by almost anyone else feels like being a pioneer. With each flight, we get to overcome new obstacles and see the earth’s beauty revealing itself just to us.

Even better? Flying these new locations with fellow pilots. Exploring and discovering these places together, and then sharing stories of our flights around a fire each night.

Over the years we have explored the skies over dozens of States and many Countries outside the US. We’ve collected all the best and are finally prepared to share them with you, our Aviator family. Scroll down to discover our currently scheduled adventure trips where you can fly in, meet up with our team and have everything you need to fly a new, epic locale.

Gear rental, and fuel are included but can be discounted if you bring your own gear.  We encourage you to bring your own glider (or arrange to use one of ours, we have plenty but know that a lot of you like your own!).

This season’s adventure trainings are four days. The first two are focused on skills building for you, the pilot. We’ll meet as a group and select different skills each of you want to work on: Crosswind take offs, crossswind landing, spot landing, foot drags, wing overs, barrel rolls, landing beyond obstacles, beach flying, reverse launches, xc planning, and more.

Days three and four we’ll work together to take some epic cross countries. Landing new places and/ or fly camping at new locations. Local pilots are always welcome to show us around!

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Currently Scheduled Adventures

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Jersey Shore, PA
September 15th - 18th, and the 19th - 23rd, 2022

Learn to Fly Camp with Tucker Gott & Aviator!

Learn to Fly Camp with Tucker Gott & Aviator!

The Susquehanna river valley is out of this world beautiful… Especially in the late Summer. That’s why we’ve been going back year after year. Our team will be based at the Jersey Shore airport (where we normally hold our travel classes) and our instructors will be there to help get you set up on all of the equipment.  Dry camping is available at the airport but there is also a local hotel with rooms available. Lodging not included for this event but there will be plenty of opportunities for socials and meals will be had.

Day one and two will be focused on skills training, making sure you’re ready for fly camping to an undisclosed location.

Whether you stay close to the airport or explore the ridge line North, or South, there is always something new to catch your gaze. There’s a reason our instructors all beg to be the ones assigned to these travel classes. The flying is simply epic.

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Albany, NY
September 25th - 28th, 2022

Eastern New York is stunning. Rolling hills, plentiful streams, lots of farm land and epic sunsets… But the people are what make it one of our favorite places to fly. Expect every flying site we explore to feel like a mini-fly in with local pilots joining us on our quest to see it all.

Here, you can fly three states in just one twenty minute flight…. Plus, you can fly (with permission already given) into a driving range where you can snack on what may well be the best ice cream on the East coast.

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Cape Cod, MA
September 30th - October 3rd, 2022

From cranberry bogs to massive lobsters the Cape has it all. We’ll base ourselves near Chapin beach and plan to adventure all over the region. From beach flights to bog surfing and watching the colors begin to change. We’ll find great food, great friends, and more.

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Northern Maine
October 6th - October 9th, 2022

This one is a secret… Mainly because we haven’t figured out exactly where we’re going. But it will be cool weather, trees changing colors, and friends with paramotors filled. 

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Maine / New Hampshire Border
October 12th - 15th, 2022

Ready for some next level “Leaf Peeping”? We are! The friendly airports along the border of Maine and New Hampshire will be a fantastic jumping off point to  all kinds of adventures in the White Mountains.

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Vermont / New Hampshire Border
October 17th - 20th, 2022

Dean Memorial Airport is a GEM… Amazing people, killer flying, a GREAT free flight site within hours. This is where you’ll want to come if you love river flying, Fall colors, and border crossings this is the spot for you!

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Front Royal, Virginia
October 23rd - 26th, 2022

Virginia is beautiful in October and Front Royal is a tremendous place to fly. Just 90 minutes from downtown DC at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Front Royal has a friendly airport, good food, and lots to explore. Our team will help you explore every inch of it.

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