Custom Training and Team Building

Trusted by the US Military and numerous foresighted corporate clients Aviator offers customized training and team building courses.

Great team building is a goal shared by most, but achieved by few. Why? Superior teamwork is just that, work. The best teams understand and put in the time needed to build strong communication and enhance trust so everyone is on the same page and knows how their work ties into the organization’s larger goals. Our standard training is known to develop highly connected groups of strangers but when we work with existing teams whether they are Corporations, Entrepreneur Groups, Law Enforcement, or Military, we’ve seen an incredible increase of cohesion, understanding, and ties that extend far beyond the expected.

Our programs are highly interactive and activity based. Designed specifically to challenge people to step out of their comfort zone and into something super-human. Each course is designed around the specific demands and limitations of our custom trainees. Time, intensity, location, and deliverables are all pre-set to ensure the most value for each group’s investment

Where Do We Teach?

Our full time paramotor schools are located in central Florida, Lake Wales (airport code X07). We offer a beautiful training environment, generally excellent weather, and full service training.

We have the original “Red Barn” schoolhouse, and our North Complex hangar the home of our shipping and fulfillment center, second schoolhouse,  and access hundreds of acres of flying fields.

We also offer yearly travel classes during the summer months.

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