Skill Refinement & PPG 3

Aviator Paramotor now offers a skill refinement course with the option of earning your PPG3 rating! 

This course will be precisely tailored to the skills and knowledge YOU wish to obtain in the sport, taken at your pace for an awesome, value packed week with a tight knit group of other pilots – from learning the skills and safety to pilot at low altitudes, adventure on longer XC voyages to rehearsing emergency procedures, our experienced staff will guide and share all of their knowledge on whatever goals you’re pursuing!

**This is NOT an SIV course and Aviator will not teach you how to progress in the territory of energy management (i.e. spirals, wingovers, SATs, etc.).**

What you could learn:

  • Speedbar adjustment, connection and basic use
  • Oscillation control
  • Advanced ground handling
  • Coordinated turns
  • Planning and navigating XC flights
  • Written exam and paperwork for official PPG3 rating
  • Polished launching and landing technique
  • Whatever else you can think of!

Benchmark Qualifications:

  • Holds USPPA PPG2 rating (25 flights or more).
  • Launching & Landing unassisted (off Comms)
  • Flown within the last 3 months
  • ~ 20 solo airtime hours.

The Gist:

How much?


How long?

7 days

With who?

Three other current pilots, one expert instructor and one assistant instructor

Where do I stay?

There are a number of local hotels or Airbnbs

What about equipment?

We have all the foot launch equipment you may need but you are encouraged to bring your own, familiar equipment.

What if I am a trike pilot?

You’ll need to bring your own equipment, but you are more than welcome!

Where Do We Teach?

Our full time paramotor schools are located in central Florida, Lake Wales (airport code X07). We offer a beautiful training environment, generally excellent weather, and full service training.

We have the original “Red Barn” schoolhouse, and our North Complex hangar the home of our shipping and fulfillment center, second schoolhouse,  and access to hundreds of acres of flying fields.

Ready to Launch?!

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