Aviator Paramotor now offers PPG3 training and ratings!

After this class, you will have a thorough understanding of the knowledge items required of the PPG3 rating. This rating is for paramotor what the FAA Commercial License is for General Aviation. 

Take your PPG skills to the next level with our custom PPG3 Rating Clinic.

What You'll learn

  • Speedbar adjustment, connection and basic use
  • Oscillation control
  • Advanced ground handling
  • Coordinated turns (the early fundamentals of wing overs)
  • In-depth review of energy management and exiting maneuvers straight and level
  • Written exam and paperwork for official PPG3 rating


  • 90 flights. It is common to need 200 or more flights before attaining PPG 3 skill levels.
  • 30 flying days.
  • Has had USPPA PPG2 rating or equivalent for at least 120 days.
  • 20 solo airtime hours.


  • Training Cost: $800
  • All Gear Rental is Included or bring your own gear
  • You must be 18 years or older to train.
  • Stay at a hotel or AirBnB in the area (Your responsibility)
  • Foot Launch (Unless stated in the class title)

Where Do We Teach?

Our full time paramotor schools are located in central Florida, Lake Wales (airport code X07). We offer a beautiful training environment, generally excellent weather, and full service training.

We have the original “Red Barn” schoolhouse, and our North Complex hangar the home of our shipping and fulfillment center, second schoolhouse,  and access hundreds of acres of flying fields.

We also offer yearly travel classes during the summer months.

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