Our Mission

At Aviator, we believe our purpose on this planet is to radically change lives and make the world a better place through aviation. Our mission is to inspire people to fully embrace themselves, their passions, and their adventuresome spirit through paramotoring.We create a true family of Aviators through our training, our support, and our amazing
Aviator team.

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Our Team
It's What Sets Us Apart

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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
~Andrew Carnegie

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Aviator's Core Values

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It is our heart. Our ultimate mission. To bring people together. To bring them together as their most whole self. So they may love, so they may live. So they may be who they are meant to be. For themselves, but especially to better serve the world around them.

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Live to Serve.

We think “How may I serve you?” -- Not “What’s in it for us”. We cultivate a culture of empathy, trust, and encouragement. Live with gratitude. Always keeping the knowledge of our responsibility to our clients & remind ourselves that each of them has entrusted us with their time, and their money, but most of all with their dreams, and safety.

Be Optimistic!

We operate in childlike joy, always. There is no room in our company for pessimists. We expect our team to always drive forward toward positive results and to begin any conversation in their head or outwardly with hope and joy, not angst or worry. We prioritize stepping beyond our fears and into a place of gratitude.

Think Big.

We follow the Aviator mission and mindset in everything we do. Never settle. Set lofty goals and then multiply them. Use our team to accomplish every one. We set clear deadlines and meet or exceed them. We remember that speed w​ins​, but that we must do everything we can to properly prepare and define where we are going.

Be an Entrepreneur.

We are incessantly curious. Challenging the status quo. We rapidly develop ideas and are willing to let the bad ones fail fast. We always remember that being 80% sure of a concept that might make a project live leaner and succeed faster is m​ore​ than enough certainty to push forward. We have an attitude of continuous learning. Pushing ourselves to be better each day than the one before. We mitigate risks whenever possible. Carefully measure what we want to achieve. Celebrate our mistakes and fail forward with joy.

We Are Candid

There is no space in our company to keep thoughts or concerns to oneself. We WELCOME the challenge of better understanding problems, our team members are hired because of who they are, their experiences and beliefs. We expect them to always speak openly with us and each other. Only by being wholly candid can we change lives and succeed at the pace we must set in order to accomplish our goals.

We Do The Right Thing

Without integrity, we are nothing. We speak honestly from our experiences. Never slam, or bash any one, but work to share our experiences with grace. We seek the discomfort of transparency. Grow through mindfulness. Help others through our vulnerability. Teach, work, and sell with integrity, always. Being true to ourselves, to our team, and to our clients is everything.

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