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Reese d’Aquin

Reese d’Aquin Callsign: “Gopher” Background Started at Aviator: June 10, 2020 First PPG Flight: 2020 Callsign: Gopher Superpower: I’m like a labradoodle, I just want to be everyone’s best friend! PPL: 2012 Personal Info My wife and I are excited to raise our new baby girl into the Aviator world. Olivia was born in July…

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Gillian Wintermute

Gillian Wintermute Callsign: Gil Sergeant Background Started at Aviator: First PPG Flight: January 21, 2021 Callsign: Gil Sergeant Superpower:  I can fly! Personal Info

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Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison Background Started at Aviator: First PPG Flight: Callsign: Superpower: Personal Info I am a retired mechanical engineer from SpaceX. I’ve found my home here at Aviator because I truly believe in our manifesto to change people’s lives. I am so proud of my team members and their dedication to our community. Please feel…


Ross Gassaway

Ross Gassaway Background Started at Aviator: 2018 First PPG Flight: Callsign: Superpower: Personal Info I’m Ross and I’m an instructor, and director of the Paradigm Aerobatic team. I am retired from corporate Information Technology, where I worked for the past thirty years, but I’ve had a few parts of my life when I was a…

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Mike Brown

Mike Brown Callsign: “Mitts” Background Started at Aviator: February, 2019 First PPG Flight: January 2020 Callsign: Mitts Superpower: Poor judgement and Perfect hindsight Personal Info Hi all, I’m Mike. I’ve been a pilot for over 34 years. I have a deep love for aviation, having served in the U.S. Air Force. During my career, in…

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Sandie Gaskins

Sandy Gaskins Callsign: Sassy Bubbles Background Started at Aviator: August 22 First PPG Flight: APRIL 12, 2022 Callsign: Sassy Bubbles Superpower: My laugh makes people smile! Personal Info I am Bad Apples member #65 and I fly to honor the memory of my dad, Bob Gaskins, who was Bad Apple #24. I am originally from…