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David Taylor

Dave Taylor Callsign: “DeeTee” Background Started at Aviator: March 2021 First PPG Flight: January 2018 Callsign: DeeTee Superpower: Perfect Hindsight Personal Info Paramotor Instructor “Stop dreaming and start doing”

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Whitney Horky

Whitney Horky Callsign: “Horkatron” Background Started at Aviator: May 2021 First PPG Flight: April 2018. It feels like a lifetime ago. Callsign: Horkatron Superpower: Adaptability. I can usually blend into any situation and hold a conversation pretty well! Personal Info I come from the frozen north, Duluth Minnesota. Cheese is love, cheese is life. I’m…

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Jacob Hutzler

Jacob Hutzler Callsign: “PJ” Background Started at Aviator: April 2021 First PPG Flight: March 2021 Callsign: PJ Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info Flying is who I am now. The Jake Hutzler I was before is dead. I am reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix.  Youtube Paramotor Instructor “Eyes closed. Head first.…

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Chris Beiler

Chris Beiler Callsign: “Slow Roll” Background Started at Aviator: January 2021 First PPG Flight: May 2020 Callsign: Slow Roll Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info As I child every dream I would have was about me flapping my arms and flying into the sky. I thought I could find that in fixed wing…

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Christan Evans

Christan Evans Callsign: “Twinkle toes” Background Started at Aviator: October 2019 First PPG Flight: June 2018 Callsign: Twinkle Toes Superpower: finding the good in everything, Perpetual optimist. Personal Info Hi I’m Christan Evans, I am the Student Liaison and Dealer Services Representative for Aviator Paramotor. I consider myself to be an optimistic, high vibe person.I…

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Mike Brown

Mike Brown Callsign: “Mitts” Background Started at Aviator: February, 2019 First PPG Flight: January 2020 Callsign: Mitts Superpower: Poor judgement and Perfect hindsight Personal Info Hi all, I’m Mike. I’ve been a pilot for over 34 years. I have a deep love for aviation, having served in the U.S. Air Force. During my career, in…