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Neil Wight

Neil Wight Callsign: Background Started at Aviator: 11/12/21 First PPG Flight: 9/28/17 Callsign: Superpower: I can fix things! Personal Info I grew up on a dairy farm outside Buffalo NY, where I learned how to take things apart and fix them. I took a 2 year course in high school to learn the machining trade…

The Aviator Team

Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves Callsign: “Jim” Background Started at Aviator: Feb 2021 First PPG Flight: November 2020 Callsign: Jim Superpower: Personal Info Christian, husband of 27 years, father of 4, grandfather of 9, 21 year USN retiree who enjoys theology, soccer, biking, and flying.Truths in LifeEverything that happens, happens for reason. Luck does not exist.In this existence…

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Jacob Hutzler

Jacob Hutzler Callsign: “PJ” Background Started at Aviator: April 2021 First PPG Flight: March 2021 Callsign: PJ Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info Flying is who I am now. The Jake Hutzler I was before is dead. I am reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix.  Youtube Paramotor Instructor “Eyes closed. Head first.…

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Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison Background Started at Aviator: First PPG Flight: Callsign: Superpower: Personal Info I am a retired mechanical engineer from SpaceX. I’ve found my home here at Aviator because I truly believe in our manifesto to change people’s lives. I am so proud of my team members and their dedication to our community. Please feel…

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Nelle Farewell

Nelle Farewell Callsign: “Feather” Background Started at Aviator: June 10, 2020 First PPG Flight: June 21, 2018 Callsign: Feather Superpower: Folding fitted sheets Personal Info Slight addiction to houseplants, studied piano and pipe organ for 15 years, married to Eric for 12 years, 3 kids. Paramotor Instructor Where words fail, music speaks.

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Christan Evans

Christan Evans Callsign: “Twinkle toes” Background Started at Aviator: October 2019 First PPG Flight: June 2018 Callsign: Twinkle Toes Superpower: finding the good in everything, Perpetual optimist. Personal Info Hi I’m Christan Evans, I am the Student Liaison and Dealer Services Representative for Aviator Paramotor. I consider myself to be an optimistic, high vibe person.I…