Mike scaled

Mike Brown

Mike Brown Callsign: “Mitts” Background Started at Aviator: February, 2019 First PPG Flight: January 2020 Callsign: Mitts Superpower: Poor judgement and Perfect hindsight Personal Info Hi all, I’m Mike. I’ve been a pilot for over 34 years. I have a deep love for aviation, having served in the U.S. Air Force. During my career, in…

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Hayden McCoy

Hayden McCoy Callsign: “Bad Assets” Background Started at Aviator: September 2019 First PPG Flight: Not PPG yet, but studying for PPL! Callsign: Bad Assets Superpower: I’m the numbers whisperer Personal Info 1 part Texan, 1 part adventurer, 2 parts tax geek, and 3 parts entrepreneur.  Too many parts?  CFO “Fortune favors the bold”

ChrisBeiler scaled

Chris Beiler

Chris Beiler Callsign: “Slow Roll” Background Started at Aviator: January 2021 First PPG Flight: May 2020 Callsign: Slow Roll Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info As I child every dream I would have was about me flapping my arms and flying into the sky. I thought I could find that in fixed wing…

Reese scaled

Reese d’Aquin

Reese d’Aquin Callsign: “Gopher” Background Started at Aviator: June 10, 2020 First PPG Flight: 2020 Callsign: Gopher Superpower: I’m like a labradoodle, I just want to be everyone’s best friend! PPL: 2012 Personal Info My wife and I are excited to raise our new baby girl into the Aviator world. Olivia was born in July…

Eric Farewell headshot

Eric Farewell

Eric Farewell Callsign: “Mom” Background Started at Aviator: November, 2011 First PPG Flight: April, 2011 Callsign: Mom Superpower: Nucleus – Surrounded by incredible people. Personal Info I’m Eric Farewell: husband, father, and adventurer born and raised in Central Florida. Flying is all I ever dreamt of doing. From my earliest memories flying aerobatics with my…

DaveThomas scaled

David Taylor

Dave Taylor Callsign: “DeeTee” Background Started at Aviator: March 2021 First PPG Flight: January 2018 Callsign: DeeTee Superpower: Perfect Hindsight Personal Info Paramotor Instructor “Stop dreaming and start doing”