Trike Launch Training is best suited for current alumni and pilots who are already foot launching successfully. This is a trike only course which will teach you the details of how trikes work, the variety of trikes available and their options, maintenance, set-up/tear-down for travel. This course can transition into a tandem exemption if the pilot shows the appropriate aptitude, and decision making.

Trike training is not currently being offered as of January 2024, we are in process of creating a new trike offering. 

What to Expect During Trike Launch Training

Classroom Training


Our training includes multiple in-depth courses to learn the ins and outs of trike flying, maintenance, and ownership.

Ground school modules will cover all fundamentals of trike and wing control, with video and live demonstrations.

Ground Handling


Learn how to taxi a trike, first without the wing to familiarize the pilot with throttle control, steering, and instructor radio communication.

This will be followed by forward inflation practice with and without A-assist, taxi practice with the wing.

Trike Flying


As much flying as the weather and flying windows allow! Each flying session will include close instructor supervision and communication.

You will practice launching, landing, touch-and-gos, and more advanced ground handling in the trike.

Tandem Exemption

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If the pilot desires, and shows appropriate aptitude, you will learn how to safely and legally fly with passengers.

  • Full ground school discussion of tandem exemption regulations.
  • The importance of tandem safety, decision making, and redundancy.
  • How to set up the trike for safe tandems, as well as how to balance trikes for various passenger weights.
  • One-on-one tandem flight instruction with you as both passenger and pilot, with multiple instructors of varying weights and sizes.
  • Learn how to deliver a comfortable and informative introductory flight for your passengers, while making them feel extremely safe for the most enjoyable experience.

Where Do We Teach?

Our full time paramotor schools are located in central Florida, Lake Wales (airport code X07). We offer a beautiful training environment, generally excellent weather, and full service training.

We have the original “Red Barn” schoolhouse, and our North Complex hangar the home of our shipping and fulfillment center, second schoolhouse,  and access hundreds of acres of flying fields.

We also offer yearly travel classes during the summer months.

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