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EFI Coast to Coast – Better then expected

Coast to Coast from one beach starting near Stuart, FL and landing at another beach in Venice, FL. The idea was first introduced to us by Tucker Gott, and we would like to first acknowledge his attempts with the Aviator PPG team that ultimately had them land 75 miles inland at the Arcadia Airport. Reese d’Aquin was the ground support crew for the pilots (Gillian W., Dave T., Tucker G., Ross G., and Judson G.), and he now attempts to help the next attempts. First they were going to attempt the trip from west to east on July 31, but upon arrival to the take off area, the team was greeted by an isolated storm just 3 miles off shore. Ultimately the team scrubbing the launch, they chose to fly a smaller cross country from Wachula to X07.

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NEW Limitless Paramotor Launches

After over a decade of teaching people to fly Paramotors we’ve tried just about every frame on the market. We knew that someday, we’d design and build our own and we wanted to have a firm grasp on what made the best frames good, and the poorer frames bad. With over 1,500 students soloed at…

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dans learning to fly

Dan’s “Learning to Fly” Story

Dan Provenzano, age 44 from Land O Lakes, Fl. 13 years ago I saw a powered paramotor fly over my house in North Carolina – I immediately thought that one day I would have to do it, I only wish that I would have pursued it sooner! I’ve always enjoyed adventure sports – scuba, motorcycle…

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Toms LEarning To Fly Story

Tom’s “Learning to Fly” Story… Hi my name is Tom Zoldos and I wanted to tell you about my experience of learning to fly Powered Paragliders with Aviator PPG. I love aviation and I wanted to learn to fly one of these butt fans the first time I saw one. I am a private pilot but haven’t been very…

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david learning to fly story

David’s Learning to Fly Story

TRAINING DAY 1 October 17, 2020|Paramotor, PPG, Training The day has finally arrived, I’m headed over to Dunnellon to start my training at Aviator PPG. To say I am excited is an understatement. My head is swimming with so many questions and I am thrilled to receive training from people that are equally excited about…

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Fun Places to Fly PPG in the Eastern United States

Since we at Aviator Paramotor believe the spirit of adventure and flight go hand-in-hand, what better way to explore the Americas than by flying your paramotor over some of its spectacular landscapes? The eastern portion of the United States offers a diverse, breath-taking variety – from the beaches of Florida and other coastal states throughout…

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Why Kiting is the Foundation of PPG, Plus Practical Kiting Tips

While a lot of components are involved in learning to fly a powered paraglider, kiting is the foundation of the sport. Honing in those crucial ground handling skills is undoubtedly one of the biggest keys to finding success. This means spending a significant amount of time learning how to kite is in order, not only…

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Powerfloats – Don’t Fly Without This Safety Device!

Aside from a reserve parachute, if there’s one other safety accessory that we can’t recommend enough it’s the Powerfloat. Just as the name gives away, the Powerfloat is a floatation device specifically crafted for paramotors, ultra lights, hang gliders, and other similar aircraft. Statistically, water presents a paramotor pilot with their deadliest threat. Many might…

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The Perks of Flying a Paramotor Trike

Once again the PPG sport has shown us just how flexible and adaptable it is to people of all shapes, sizes, and physical capabilities thanks to the beautiful invention of the trike. Just as the name depicts, the trike sits on three wheels, with the paramotor being mounted on the back and a seat situated…

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student reserve toss featured

How to Throw Your Reserve Parachute – A Step By Step Guide While the idea of even having to throw your reserve parachute isn’t exactly pleasant, being prepared for every situation – even emergencies – is a key part of flying paramotors. Safety in all measures is undoubtedly the wisest way to proceed with just about any “extreme activity,” so of course knowing how to throw…

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