The Roadrunner Kiting Wing Gives New Edge to Training and Ground Handling

Aviator Paramotor is ecstatic to announce that we now carry a new KITING wing – meet the Roadrunner! The Roadrunner gives a new edge to training and ground handling. Not only that, but it’s adaptable to pilots of all sizes! Aptly named for this flightless bird, the Roadrunner is a non-flight rated glider that Ozone designed for kiting ONLY. You can now hone your ground-handling skills with gear specifically designed for this purpose.

Recently, and at long last, Ozone proudly unveiled its new wing, and all the hype is true: the Roadrunner was created for the sole intent of training. As every good paramotor pilot knows, developing your wing handling skills before ever taking off in flight is priority number one. With this at the forefront of development, the Roadrunner was built with the ability to carefully cultivate those necessary ground-handling skills without fear of damaging – or simply adding wear and tear – to your regular PPG flight wings. Overall, it lends to a less stressful learning environment, and thus optimizes the fun of the growing process.


“The Roadrunner’s inflation characteristics are progressive and predictable. A two-riser system with split-A design allows training of various launch, control, and glider-disabling techniques. Magnet-attached brake handles are easy to grab, and re-place on the risers, while training,” Ozone describes the new wing, highlighting just how similar it is to that of official, flight-rated gliders.

The Roadrunner is Great for Both No Wind and High Wind Situations

Comparable to the size of speed wings, the 14 meter Roadrunner was made to handle incredibly close to that of a full-sized wing for easy transition. Ozone, in its innovation of the kiting glider, has crafted it to handle a wide range or windspeeds, including fairly high windspeeds, but likewise designed it to easily inflated on zero wind days. This means you never have to miss a beat when training is involved. Is it windy? Go kiting! Is there little to no breeze? You guessed it, go kiting!

The French-based company likewise touts that because it’s intended for ground use only, the Roadrunner produces very little lift and therefore is even suitable for children! Now not only can parents have fun kiting and growing, but they can start yielding their very own up-and-coming paramotor pilots by teaching their kids the basics of control on a much safer wing.

Aviator Paramotor has Integrated the Roadrunner

For Aviator Paramotor, we could not be more stoked about the addition of this new ground-handling wing. Not only do we have it in stock, but we’re also excited to announce that we’ll now implement the Roadrunner into course curriculum. In doing so, we’ve aimed at making the path to flight all the more streamlined. Come train with us!

As a part of Aviator’s Learning Module System development, the use of the Roadrunner offers even more dexterity and cultivation of the innate when it comes to learning glider control for our students. Regardless, having beyond efficient skills when it comes to wing control on the ground is most certainly the secret to successfully running into the skies. Obviously, our recommendation is to start practicing as quickly and as often as possible. Why not try it with the Roadrunner?

Like we mentioned, we now have several of the Roadrunners in stock at Aviator for $1,299

And, for those interested in our teaching methods or training with us, view our Training Page or contact us at [email protected].

As the paramotoring community continues to expand and gain popularity, new additions like the Roadrunner make the sport all-the-more accessible, all-the-more-learnable, and most certainly that much more exciting. So keep growing, and always keep shooting for the skies.


Check out a review from one of our students:

I would like to say though that I’m so happy I left with the Roadrunner. If it’s not already in the works I’d like to recommend ( for whatever my recommendation is worth)  to you guys that you really push the roadrunner. I’ve been able to kite and have meaningful practice nearly every day since I left. It has really helped with the potential paradepression I could have had during the wait for my wing. Taking it out everyday and going through the motions, set up, hand kiting, forward launches, reverse launches. All these things have made this time feel like an extension of the course rather than a waiting game for the wing. I’m also feeling my comfort level rise to a point that I’m just excited for my first flight at home, not nervous that the training wheels are now off. Not trying to tell you guys what to do, because you obviously don’t need it. I have to say your course is one of the best courses/ experiences of my entire life. I just think that for someone who maybe thinks the price tag is a little high for a “training” only wing, it’s a tough pill to swallow. If they only knew the crazy amount of practice and experience that this wing could offer. Just thought I’d share. 

Thanks again for everything,