Powered Paragliding is Truly Life Changing.


Imagine flying freely over a lush pasture, passing through a narrow gap between two tall, green and bushy trees. You turn your head, catching a glimpse of something over the next hill, and suddenly you’re following the blue current down a wild roaming river. You’re climbing higher, exploring an unseen piece of the world you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced without the aid of your powered paraglider.


What is it?

Simply put, powered paragliding is having a paraglider overhead and a motor on your back. Imagine sitting in a canvas lawn chair in the sky.



Before you can take to the skies you’ll need some training and Aviator Paramotor offers the best in the world.



Aviator Paramotor offers the best products in the industry at the lowest price and pairs that with our top-notch service.

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