NEW Limitless Paramotor Launches

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After over a decade of teaching people to fly Paramotors we’ve tried just about every frame on the market. We knew that someday, we’d design and build our own and we wanted to have a firm grasp on what made the best frames good, and the poorer frames bad.

With over 1,500 students soloed at Aviator we’ve seen every kind of launch, landing, flight, and progression. We’ve seen some make endless mistakes, and others seem like they’re touched with the gift of flight from the first moment they try (we’re looking at you Tucker).

As our experience grew we realized that most paramotor frames are laser focused on their niche… Good for beginners? Probably not the best for experts. Ideal for foot launch? Probably won’t hold up to a trike.

While there are many frames out there we do like, we knew the time had come to do something different. Over the past 4 years we’ve been playing with different designs, meeting with engineers from many different industries and working to develop what we believed could be the ultimate paramotor frame.

Our frame would check all the boxes for our needs during training, and for the progression of pilots well on their way to becoming experts.

  • STRONG: A strong frame is crucial and it isn’t just about being able to take a butt landing. Our frame is designed to maximize strength to allow for forward launches with tandem wings (and no flex to the propellor). Additionally we designed the base of the frame to have no protruding rods. We’ve seen them on many other frames and the first misstep often leads to a prop strike. We added our “Godzilla Teeth” stiffening tubes to the weakest point of the frame to create aircraft engineering style triangulation… And though we’ve been testing these frames in our school for over 12 months, we have yet to have a SINGLE bent frame from a butt landing or early take off. All Limitless Paramotors are made of titanium alloy that gives you much more control over bending back if necessary but given the design it should be incredibly rare to have the need.

  • COMFORTABLE: What most manufacturers don’t seem to prioritize most but was crucial for us was simply making this unit as comfortable as possible. At launch, we’re using the Dudek Comfort Seat harness. Well regarded by most pilots to be the most cocoon like harness you can mount to a paramotor… But more importantly, we’ve moved the engine closer to your back than on almost any other frame. Reducing the moment arm of leverage to the heaviest part of your paramotor. Pilots who are coming from our competitors have claimed a “real feel” reduction in weight by 20-30% even though they’re using the same engine they had on their previous frames. Our harness mounts allow complete customization for the height of the motor on your back as well, so no matter how tall (or short) you are, the Limitless can fit like a glove.

  • SUSTAINABILE: We knew that in order to make a difference in the market, we needed a frame that could grow with you as a pilot. Our frame accepts almost every engine that is currently popular on the market. Allowing the frame to grow with you throughout your progression. If you’re a light pilot, you may start out on the Atom 80, then move up to a Moster, or Polini 202 without needing to buy any additional, expensive adapters. Another way we’ve decided to chase sustainability has been to partner with one of the only titanium paramotor manufacturers that is NOT based in Russia. Our frames are bent, welded, and polished in Spain, then assembled right here to each pilot’s specifications in the USA. Additionally, if your needs change as your experience does,  the Limitless paramotor mounts in moments to our 3 different solo and tandem trikes. Allowing complete comfort for you, and your passengers.

  • SAFE: We’ve already talked about the strength of the frame and that absolutely helps with the overall safety, but there is more to it than just the tubing. After a personal incident with poorly designed swing arm connection points, our founder  is extremely particular about what machines he will fly. It was important to him to find, or develop a system that was capable of being tested to extreme loads and enduring more than we ever could as pilots. We found that strength (and brilliant design) in Liberty Paramotors “Total Control” arms. They’re adjustable in 6 different directions and allow absolute control for pickier pilots or easy movement for beginners. They have completely taken over the Slalom paramotor world due to their incredible customizability.

  • PERFORMANCE: Bringing something new to market, performance was a key factor. We knew licensing the engine mount and total control arms from Liberty would help set us apart but we wanted to do more. For years, we’ve been testing different prop configurations from tiny frames wielding 100cm propellors to monsters with 150cm props. Electrics, 2 strokes, 4 strokes, even rotary engines. While the current line of Vittorazi engines has taken the market by storm we pride ourselves in trying everything we can. That’s why we decided to offer an industry leading 153cm hoop diameter (that is still comfortable and manageable for smaller pilots). This allows us to include a 140cm propellor as standard and up to a 150cm prop for expert pilots. Reducing noise, increasing efficiency, and improving power on all the engines we sell. The larger hoop also adds to prop clearance safety in a big way. Most other paramotors only have 3-8cm of clearance between the hoop and propellor. Leading to hand injuries more and more frequently in recent years. Our standard 13cm keeps you further from danger.

We checked the boxes, we tested, we tweaked, we went through over a half a dozen physical prototypes after hundreds of renditions in CAD. Once we finally got it finished we asked our friends to test it, to be brutally honest, and to help us make it better. Better, we still do. We rolled the Limitless out at the Bad Apples Fly In a couple of months ago and have quietly allowed the select few who heard about it there or through social media to become champions for it. It’s DNA is made up of all slalom champions after all. Taking their successes and making a paramotor accessible for anyone, no matter their experience level was the goal… And it was achieved.

Limitless Paramotors are available now, assembled right here at the Aviator shop in the USA. We’d love for you to check out our website and build your own, come visit us and try one; or ask your local paramotor instructor if they can get you one to demo!