I know what you may be thinking and feeling right now… reading the reviews on what you already know is an incredible company like reading some hot romance to get your appetite good and whet and your imagination flowing. I don’t need to tell you how good it feels to fly on your own for the first time (absolutely mind-blowing in case you live under a rock), however, I may be able to provide a unique perspective on the greatest company on the planet. Aviator took me on as an intern, where I had the opportunity to put together a bunch of videos while learning to fly, traveling around the country with them. Forming a close relationship with each one of these dedicated instructors, tirelessly working to give the world the superpower of flight, is inevitable, and I can say that this crew is 100% real. They expect your success but aren’t afraid to tell you how it is, and will call you on your shortcomings in order to ensure your safety and progress while keeping a… unique… sense of humor (you have been warned 😜). If you are looking to get authentic instruction by a family of aviators that truly have your best interest in mind, these fine gentlemen (and wonderful lady – love you Mary Shanley) have your back! When you do manage to fit into a class (you know it’ll happen sooner or later), prepare yourself for a life-changing week that will feel like an hour, time literally flies when you are having fun – where fun is a vast understatement – and you will have new friends for life. The PPG community needs good safe pilots to set the example and ensure the longevity of this sport; receiving instruction from Aviator will provide the experience and tools you needed to show the world what responsible flying looks like and ‘keep ’em flying!