Feel What It's Like to Soar with the Birds!

Not quite ready to take to the sky on your own? Tandem instructional flights will give you hands-on experience to learn how to control a paramotor in the air. Your Instructors will take care of launching and landing but will hand the toggles to you for hands-on experience flying a paramotor for the first time.

Want to learn more about powered paragliding? Or looking for a great gift idea for someone you know?

There is no greater way to experience the exhilaration and freedom of paramotor flight than with our Tandem Instructional flight program!

This is an instructional flight experience from start to finish. You will not only enjoy a 30 minute flight from the front seat of a tandem trike, you will also learn a great deal about how paramotors work in the process.

As long as weather conditions permit, you will even be allowed to take the controls of the glider and actually be able fly it yourself!

We’re hoping you love the experience so much you’ll come back for more!

trike tandem
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A brief pre-flight training session will cover topics like the fundamentals of wing layout, glider control, launching, landing, and how to strap in safely.

You’ll be helped into the passenger harness and connected to the Instructor via intercom. A few minutes later you’ll be flying with the birds feeling the wind in your face. Truly where the stuff dreams are made of!

Flights typically last 30 minutes (weather permitting) and the cost is $150.

Book A Tandem Instructional Flight:

Flights are available on a first come, first served basis. Book yours today to ensure your date is available.


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