Our training is not yet completed, and we will be very sad to leave after the time we’ve had here. This is an amazing company run by dedicated, passionate people who share their love for the sport with their students and do it in the most patient, informative, and safe way possible.

I came into the training not really knowing anything about PPG, and not even thinking that it would be something I enjoyed. Once I met Mary, Eric, Kyle, Travis, John with ParAmerica, and the other instructors, it became clear to me that this sport can be something completely amazing and is as safe as the decisions you make. Safety was the most important thing to me from the start as both I and my husband entered the PPG training together and I was extremely skeptical of how something that looked so strange from the outside can be made safe.

But this training program convinced me through how thorough, step-by-step, and informative it was that PPG can be safe and enjoyable for all. Through a combination of classroom work and LOTS of practice, we’re flying and learning the techniques to do it safely at home, while building a network of support throughout the US through Aviator PPG’s affiliates and prior students.

Anyone who wants to learn to fly a paramotor would be completely insane not to learn it with Aviator PPG or one of their trusted affiliates. We trusted them with our lives and they taught us how to fly, a rare and special gift. We will be forever grateful.