Fun Places to Fly PPG in the Eastern United States

Since we at Aviator Paramotor believe the spirit of adventure and flight go hand-in-hand, what better way to explore the Americas than by flying your paramotor over some of its spectacular landscapes? The eastern portion of the United States offers a diverse, breath-taking variety – from the beaches of Florida and other coastal states throughout the valleys and mountainous regions that wind northward, which also play host to some truly marvelous manmade wonders. There’s so much that can be experienced by pilots and adventure seekers alike. For the pursuit of flight and exploring the world around us, adventure flying is yet another side of what makes the sport of PPG all the more exciting.


So, while there are countless locations worth seeing, here’s a small list of fun places to fly PPG in the eastern United States. What could be better than experiencing your world from the skies? Hopefully these locations will inspire you to see more of the world by air, and research even more places to adventure fly!


Of course there are several valleys and gorges that would be well worth your time, however here are two unique places that are spectacular from the ground – so we know they’re gorgeous from above: The Tunkhannock Viaduct/Nicholson Bridge in Nicholson, Pennsylvania, and the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

The Nicholson Bridge spans well over 2,000 feet, and hosts 12 massive concrete, steel-enforced arches that tower mightily over a forest of trees below. Constructed between 1912-1915, this segment of the Norfolk Southern Railway Sunbury Line makes for a gorgeous place to fly over.

New River Gorge Bridge, a 1970s constructed steel marvel, sits amidst the Appalachian Mountain Range. Overlooking the New River at 876 feet, it is classified as one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world – and promises some stunning views!

ashley knedler CRjCvUBXmvg unsplash
New River Gorge Bridge/Ashley Knedler via Unsplash


The Appalachians, one of the eastern United States’ most famous mountain ranges, run all the way from Georgia to the tip of the country in Maine. While it challenges thousands of hikers annually, it also promises spectacular views for pilots. Not only that but it also hosts a smaller province known as the Blue Ridge Mountains which run 550 miles southwest from southern Pennsylvania through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

wes hicks Qa2rx5RSAAI unsplash
Blue Ridge Mountains/Wes Hicks via Unsplash

There are countless places along this range for PPG pilots to explore. Whether you want to tackle the whole of the mountain ranges, or simply visit what’s closest to you, there’s a massive range of possibilities (no pun intended).

Please note that mountain flying is recommended for more experienced pilots because of the dangers they pose.


There are several bodies of water that warrant a bird’s eye view, however two locations you could consider flying your paramotor over are the Hudson River, which runs through New York, and the Tennessee River, which I’m sure you know, runs through Tennessee. Both of these rivers offer beyond beautiful views.

The Hudson River, which originates in the Adirondack Mountains flows north to south for over 300 miles across the state of New York, and encompasses a diversity of landscapes, waterfalls, and more to thrill the senses.

The Tennessee River is the biggest tributary of the Ohio River and actually rolls southward into Alabama treading about 652 miles. Flying by paramotor over the river promises views of mountainous regions, valleys, and other lovely landscapes as it steadily winds its way between the evergreens and hardwoods of the two states.

zeke tucker TRboQcInnVo unsplash
Tennessee River at Signal Mountain/Zeke Tucker via Unsplash


The eastern coast, winding from the tips of Florida to Maine and hugged by the Atlantic, promise location after location for beach flights and swampland overviews. But, in thinking about where flight originated, consider taking a trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and soar its surrounding Outer Banks. We couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute to the Wright Brothers – two of our patron saints of flight – than by making a pilgrimage to where it all began.

timothy klingler 19riLf8DyHA unsplash
Outer Banks/Timothy Klingler via Unsplash

The Outer Banks, which sit on a thin sliver of land at the most outward edge of North Carolina in Currituck County promise beautiful sunset views and ocean breezes, plus there’s that added adventurous spirit still resident from the envisioned Orville and Wilbur.

Of course, be sure to take into account added safety precautions because of the nature of flying near strong bodies of water like oceans.


Endeavoring to go where few have gone before is a part of what makes flying paramotors special. Adventure flights at locations both familiar and unique open up your world all the more because of the perspective they bring. Only remember to stay safe, consider each location for what it is and how you should approach flying around it, and get ready to have the time of your life. Do your due diligence and seek out the proper, legal places to launch, land, and fly around and you’ll have a sincerely full, rich experience.

Take advantage of being able to fly, to see the world in a way most people never will, grab your paramotor, and go – we’ll can’t wait to see you in the skies!

For more traveling fun, check Aviator Paramotor’s Youtube channel Aviator Show for more adventure flights in the U.S. and abroad.