I trained with Aviator as a part of the January 16th, 2021 Dunnellon class and would wholeheartedly recommend Aviator to anyone who wants PPG training. The class was super thorough and kept a fast pace from just learning the basics in the first few days to rehearsing and polishing skills by the end of the first week. Everyone in my class was up and flying by the end of day 5. Due to weather and winds, we spent the beginning of the second week working out ground school and continuing to hone in on ground handling skills. Once we got flying again in the second week it wasn’t to long before the instructors had us doing no com solo flights which was really confidence-inspiring. On graduation day we opted as a class to get more repetitions in and practice launch and landings. Throughout the two weeks, the instructors did an amazing job in teaching the skills, “book knowledge”, and showing a positive attitude around all aspects of the course. Another Confidence-inspiring thing was how focused the instructors were on the safety of the class throughout training and having a debrief after every session to discuss. The instructors also did an outstanding job in bonding the class together like a family keeping the focus on everyone’s success. While training I also opted to buy gear From Aviator. It was such a surprise to me that the owner of the company, Eric was the one helping me pick out gear and place my order. He really showed his knowledge, dedication, and passion for helping others achieve safe flight. By the end, I had all the gear I needed to start flying when got back home. After such amazing training and guidance in getting gear, I plan to do what I can to support Aviator in the future and recommend their training to anyone looking to learn how to run into the sky.