I went to AviatorPPG after researching flight schools, and they were the best. I wanted to fly my whole life, but life events always came up and got in the way. The world has a tendency to make you put important dreams on the back burner. Going to AviatorPPG I had committed to achieving that dream, and that first flight where the instructor said, “Full Power!” and I lifted off the ground… was magical. I was laughing most of the flight. The ability to surprise yourself, to do what you had written off as unrealistic years ago, is a wonderful thing. AviatorPPG taught me about airspace, wings, motors, and most importantly, that it’s not too late.

When you train at Aviator PPG, you get to join an awesome family! Everyone I’ve met in this sport is passionate about it. That certainly becomes obvious about the staff there, after the first day of class. Thank you so much for teaching me this life-changing sport and accepting me into your family Aviator! Truly a great experience learning to fly my butt fan with you 🙂