Will Flying Ever Get Old? Here are Five Ways to Keep Flying Paramotors Exciting

Arguably, the majority of people that explore the world of powered paragliding fall in love with it quickly. Whether it’s the peacefulness of the skies, the range of dynamics in flight, or simply the amazement of superhumanly flying all on your own, it’s clear that there’s more than one reason people can’t get enough of flying paramotors. Excitement is a given in PPG. However with that being said, some of those still researching the sport have asked a wonderful, thought-provoking question, “Will flying every get old?” 

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be, and is this something I’ll seriously continue to do after I’ve completed my training? And, if this is something I want to continue to doing, how do I keep the desire to fly fresh?

To that, all we have to say is, do it – just try flying. Until you do, you’ll never know how incredible it really is. But, we’re all different, we get it. There is a small percentage of people out there who need more to keep the spark alive. It’s all good, folks, we’ve got you covered!

Will flying ever get old? Here are five ways to keep flying paramotors exciting.

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Like we said, we get it – we’re all unique, and for those of us who are a little more social, we need interaction to stay interested. Sometimes we aren’t good with hobbies based on the individual, but rather we want to share our interests with others who enjoy the same things we do. You’re in luck! Flying paramotors fits both of these personality types. Not only can you fly solo, but there’s an incredible, somewhat hidden world of PPG enthusiasts out there – and just a head’s up, they’re pretty friendly too!


Not only can you search the web to find sites highlighting the sport of paramotoring, but there are countless social media groups open to those interesting in flying with friends. There’s groups for beginners, there’s groups for adventure flying, there’s even groups for bargains and trades. Just hit up Facebook and see what you get with the keywords “Paramotor,” “PPG,” and “Powered Paragliding.” You can even scour the comments on your favorite Youtube PPG videos, there’s always fellow flying spirits lurking about the threads.

Seriously, because flying paramotors is such a uniquely different interest, more often than not you’ll be able to find friends who are eager to add someone new to their flying circles!


With flying paramotors the sky’s not even the limit! In fact, us pilots view it as the road to bigger and better explorations. Imagine soaring high above soaking in everything from a coveted bird’s eye view, that in and of itself is incredible. Who else gets to see the world from that perspective? But if flying around the same ol’ spot you always do is getting old, why not shake things up a big? Venture outside of your own backyard and start researching for new places you’d like to fly, it might be the just reminder that you need of how amazing flying really is.


Fancy seeing the United States in a whole new fashion? Pack up the paramotor and go! Other countries aren’t even out of bounds, as Aviator and many of our friends have adventure flown Costa Rica, country after country in Europe, and many other destinations. 

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It’s a well-kept secret among pilots that flying gives you access to portions of the world often barricaded via ground travel, so of course it gives you a unique way to see the world and very often you make new friends along the way. Flying new places genuinely births a renewed excitement and vigor inside of you. So, if you’re feeling a bit bored with flying around the airport at home, maybe a road trip is in order. 


Once you’re well-acquainted with flying, and you’re looking for more than casual flight, don’t be afraid to push yourself to go further. There’s so many different ways to make flying exciting – ways that suit your unique personality and style preferences too. Seek out additional training for even richer flight experiences.

trike runway 1

For instance, if foot launching has become old hat, try learning to operate a trike. Have you racked up a surmountable number of flight hours? Maybe it’s time to share flight with others and learn to fly tandem. Or if you’ve gathered a lot of experience, take your proficiency to the next level and seek additional training – try taking a Simulated Incident in Flight (SIV) course. 

Are you confident in tackling more turbulent conditions? Perhaps learning the art of thermaling is next on your list. And for those that need to satiate that drive for excitement and adrenaline, start learning more about dynamic flight. Begin dipping your toes into the world of aerobatics!

Seriously, there’s so much to be explored through the sport of PPG. There’s plenty of room to challenge yourself and keep flying exciting.


Take it from the experts, experienced paramotor pilots will tell that trying new equipment makes the sport feel brand new again. Every time you try a new glider or motor you open up the door or exploration. Dive into breaking down the subtleties between each new wing you fly. Feel the variances of strength and power from motor to motor. Even trying out new strobes, helmets and communication pieces, cameras, and adds to the excitement of flying.


You won’t be disappointed at furthering your knowledge base of flight and equipment in this hands-on way.

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As we said, go get you some flying friends! If you’re hitting dead ends online, here’s another way to not only find friends, but to surround yourself with aviation lovers: go to fly-ins and airshows. There are countless aviation-centered gatherings held around the world throughout the year. What better way to soak in some energetic skyward vibes than by jumping into a collection of pilots and air enthusiasts?

In the United States there are PPG specific fly-ins, along with other aviation-related events, including (but not limited to): The Palm Bay Fly-In and  The Sun n Fun Aerospace Expo in Florida; the Bad Apples/Hodges Field PPG Fly-In in Georgia; the Lycoming Balloon Festival in Pennsylvania; and one of the largest aviation and airshow events, Airventure Oshkosh in Wisconsin.


Of course, check out your local areas for other events, whether its PPG related, another balloon festivals, or a general aviation even, there are sure to be like-minded people in love with flying that might lend to your own enthusiasm.

So, will flying ever get old? Perhaps that’s up to you, however it doesn’t change the fact that there is more than one way to enjoy the world of paramotoring. Don’t be afraid to try flying, to make new friends, and to find places that support the wonderful experiences that the sport naturally brings.