Seize This Moment – The Sky Is Not The Limit

These are strange times we live in. We went from working nine to fives across the country to uniting in combat against a world-wide pandemic that took everyone by surprise. In the blink of an eye we were jarred out of our daily routines and asked to bring our lives to a screeching halt, not only for our own safety but for the safety of our families, friends, neighbors, and strangers. In the paramotoring community this meant, for some, taking a break from flying too. While there’s a been a fantastic, ongoing discussion within the PPG realm about why or why not we should fly in such uncertain times, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Instead, many of us at Aviator have focused on something near and dear to us all – our dreams.

If anything, this global shutdown has given us all time to consider our dreams. We all have one. For many flight is the ultimate dream. Soaring the into the wild blue skies, free. Alive. Uninhibited. It’s a vision imagined by many, yet actually pursued by few. However, if there’s one thing this quarantine has highlighted, it’s time’s incredible value. One minute we’re chugging along in the daily grind trying to make time for our families and personal interests. The next minute we we’re left standing still with nothing but time on our hands. The catch? We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything with that time. Everything was placed on hold.

This lockdown has made a lot of us wonder just how many dreams have been placed on hold? Not only because of a world-wide shutdown, but because we aren’t always able to use our time to pursue them. In any case, it’s all too relatable and common that dreams so often get put on the back burner of life. Actually committing to flying is no different. The real question, and silver lining, to all of this is how do we change that?

So, this is for you, the adventurer of heart. This is for you, the hardworking individual devoted to providing for your families. This is for you, and the pilot you know you can be. If you’ve long dreamed of soaring, chasing that very attainable vision of flight. If you’re heart has longed to for exploration. If your head has vividly imagined what the sensation of flying is actually like. All we have to say is, why wait?

For those of you who have realized that flying – actually independently flying through paramotoring – is a legitimate possibility, but have yet to take the leap, what’s holding you back? 

Flight is waiting for you.

As the world reawakens, shaking the dust of her back, returning to rotation and life’s daily wonders, how will you shape your existence from now on? Seize the day or return to normalcy alone? It’s a well known fact in the PPG community that the sky is not the limit. Flying paramotors pushes against the boundaries of every day life, says there’s more, and that adventure is yours. At this point we can’t even count the number of people that have made flying a reality which they live out every single day that they can.

If anything the shutdown has taught us that time is short and pursuing our dreams shouldn’t be placed on hold. For many of us this realization has brought about a renewed zeal to do more than savor the days we’re given, it’s also given us the courage to make the leap. Now is the time to make those dreams living reality. To seize THIS MOMENT. Because as we’ve learned, life could come to a complete standstill in the blink of an eye. We clearly aren’t promised tomorrow, because tomorrow may change overnight. 

If you’ve dreamed of flying paramotors, all we have to say is WHY WAIT? The time is here, the time is now. Carpe diem has never made more sense.