Why Flying Paramotors is for the Adventurous Heart

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Save the morning breeze that blows through, the slight dancing of the grass underfoot sets you in rhythm with the earth. The tread of your boots planting you firmly against the ground. The sifting air caresses your face, as you lock your eyes onto the horizon staring upward, onward. Feeling the steady buzz of the motor on your back, you smile, take a deep breath – run. The whispered word leaps into your heart, as your legs begin to move of their near own accord. The subtle tug of the wing shifts as it begins to hover overhead, and you step in pace with the synthetic shadow, feeling the shared center between man and wing. Engine roaring, the palm applies pressure to the throttle, head held high, and you run. Run. Run into the sky.

The quick assent is matched with a vibrant thump, thump, thumping of the heart. I did it. This is real. I’m flying, settles over your brain. Breathing in and out, in and out, deeply, thoroughly, being enveloped by the moving air as it races by. 

Now it’s just you – and the world below.

In all stillness you ease between the clouds, dipping your fingers into the deep hues of blue as the sky swallows you whole. Life on the ground continues, monotonous, mundane – but for the moment, time stands still as you soar through the air. There’s peace. There’s joy. There’s adventure waiting to happen.

For so many of us, flying of our own free will touches on a hidden desire. You know the one. That little part inside of you that’s longing to feel something, anything. Real. Tangible. That something that makes you feel alive. If you’ve ever wondered “What else is there?” If there’s ever been a time in your life where you’ve felt “There must be more,” you can believe there is. Flying of your own free will through powered paragliding (PPG) might be just what your heart has been looking for.

For a lot of people, the knee-jerk reaction to paramotoring is one of either apprehension or total enthrallment – both seeing it as an experience that excites, that thrills. “Is it dangerous?” they wonder, or “How fast and how high can you go?” are the common inquiries. This must be a sport for adventure seekers, most would assume, but so often people don’t stop to consider the inverse – or rather the truth about flying. Taking on the skies with a paramotor is quite possibly one of the most peaceful, euphoric, and spiritual experiences accessible to mankind. Yes, one hundred percent, yes, paramotoring is for the adventurous heart, just not in the way you may be thinking.

So let’s be clear on our definition of “adventurous” – flight through paramotors opens up the part of your heart that’s secret desire is to feel. Adventure in the sense of pursuing life. Can you take it to extremes, soaring through the sky with aerobatic ease and daring? Of course you can! But for a majority of us, the part that satiates is the stillness of the air, the altitude that surrounds, envelopes, as you literally sit in the sky. It fills you with a sense of awe at the earth below and the sky you’re now apart of. You become like the clouds, floating over all of creation in an overwhelming sensibility of peace.

Flying is for the adventurous heart. And paramotoring is too.

Let it surprise you. Let it exceed your expectations. And allow yourself to feel in a way you might never have expected. For the voice inside you that’s crying for more. For the portion of your heart that knows there is. Flying paramotors is for the heart that refuses to settle. Breaks the habitual. Stands up to the strongholds that are holding you back. Flight lifts you. It enables you to believe that more is a possibility and not just a dream.

Break the mold. Do you hear it calling? Calling, calling, whispering your name. That something that beckons you forward, as though your heart were tethered to an invisible string. Where does it lead? Where will you go? That’s up to you, but for the rest of us our hearts are in the sky, and our minds have turned to ideas of exploration.

Flight – wing above and ground below – is for the adventurous heart. The adventurous heart that’s inside us all.