The Spirit of Adventure and Flight Go Hand in Hand

The spirit of adventure is something that ensnares us all. Chasing the unknown, daring to explore places unchartered by ourselves. It’s a desire that’s fueled mankind since the dawning of time. And for the world of paramotoring the spirit of adventure and flight go hand in hand. Now you can soar the skies, go where few men are able, and let the winds direct your path into adventure from a whole new perspective. 

We all have dreams of flight and exploration, and now the sky’s not even the limit – it’s the road to more. Some may enjoy the bird’s eye view of their own backyard, others explore their home states, while even more cover the diverse spans of the nation. Even overseas travel and flight has inspired many a pilot to pursue adventure. It’s a well-kept secret that flying gives you access to portions of the world often barricaded via ground travel, it gives you a unique way to see the world, and very often you make new friends along the way. 

So, let us ask you, where is your dream flight? What destinations do you long to explore with your paramotor? The world is your oyster, and PPG is the pearl! Below we’ve highlighted some of Aviator’s own adventures as well as the adventures of our friends. 

Are you ready to fly? This is just a start. We live in a world of limitless possibilities!


With the vast and diverse landscapes that the United States has to offer, it’s a treasure trove for pilots and explorers alike. From deserts and canyons to meadows and streams, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, beaches low and mountains high, all 50 states promise unique, breathtaking views. Undoubtedly for U.S. pilots, getting to travel with the purpose of flying paramotors is a huge draw to the sport. Who wouldn’t want to experience the country from up high, like never before?

One of our favorite examples of a spirited adventurer is Aviator’s dear friend Harley Milne, founder of the 50 x Challenge, who has inspired us all to travel North America more. Harley’s dream was to see all 50 states of America after he immigrated many years ago, so when the idea came to him to FLY all 50 states something instantly clicked. In crafting the 50 x Challenge, Harley steadily checked of each state, while also earned money for charity in the process. Not only has he grown as a pilot, but Harley heartily affirms that “the world really is my oyster,” and adventure flying the U.S. has been nothing short of amazing.

Check out some of Harley’s Adventure Here:


Whether you’re in the U.S. or traveling overseas, one thing’s for certain, and that’s flying paramotors allows you to explore places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. While hiking and driving along scenic places is always a draw, those outlets often have limits. To point out the obvious, there are trails to follow and barriers in places that limit exploration. The draw to adventure flying, regulations permitting, is that you’ve freed yourself from the roadblocks in taking to the skies.

As Aviator’s most famous alumni Tucker Gott showcased in his Icelandic adventure series, almost nowhere was inaccessible from the skies. From deep ravines to cascading falls, where walking left him at a distant viewpoint, flying allowed him to see a portion of the world that’s seldom trekked by man. Once again proving that the spirit of adventure and flight open doors to the world often lost because of physical barriers. Inspired yet?

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Today you can now find people who fly all over the world. Pilots of all nationalities are soaring the beaches of Vietnam, sailing over cityscapes in Istanbul, and even exploring natural wonders little inhabited by humans. While regulations vary from country to country, we at Aviator have had our share of adventures in Costa Rica, Jamaica, portions of Europe, and across the United States, along with many other locations.

Check out some of our adventures with our Costa Rican friends:

Flying the world definitely has it’s draw, to say the least. Not only do people enrich their lives by exploring new lands, but they often make a whole slew of friends along the way. Paramotoring other countries opens up the doors to many, many new adventures all the while giving you a unique way to immerse yourself in the cultures at hand. Because, more than likely you’re doing more than fly when you travel, but you’re also mingling with the locals and soaking in as much of the sites as you can along the way. 

What better way to embrace the world than through flight? We couldn’t imagine a more in-depth, immersive, transformative outlet to experience travel. What might begin as a singular endeavor can turn into so much more as you see new places, make new friends, experience new cultures, and ultimately create a life of exploration – all from the completely unique perspective of flight. The spirit of adventure is undoubtedly tethered to flying, just as flying is tethered to the heart’s desire for exploration.

So, we’ll ask you again, are you ready to fly all of those places for yourself? Let the spirit or adventure and flight inspire you, and we’ll see you in the skies.