Eric Farewell

Callsign: “Mom”


  • Started at Aviator: November, 2011
  • First PPG Flight: April, 2011
  • Callsign: Mom
  • Superpower: Nucleus – Surrounded by incredible people.

Personal Info

I’m Eric Farewell: husband, father, and adventurer born and raised in Central Florida.
Flying is all I ever dreamt of doing. From my earliest memories flying aerobatics with my grandfather to years spent teaching people to fly fixed wing ultra lights, I’ve had a life long fascination with flight as the ultimate adventure.

I’ve spent the past decade learning how best to teach paramotoring, realizing each person is individual in what they do and the pace that they learn. I’ve worked hard to be a personal and hands-on teacher, allowing me to better understand our students needs and to teach them more effectively. I still do my very best to fly at least five days a week, and often travel around the world to fly exhibitions and events… Sharing the beauty and joy of paramotoring with many!

As a student, you can expect an intimate training atmosphere in a sport with ever increasing popularity. We’ll teach you everything from the basics of safety and procedure, to the confidence and wisdom needed to fly at a higher level. And… We’ll do it all at your pace. I’m truly honored that our former students are often complimented on their graceful flying skills and their respect for the safety of the sport.

My heart has always been in the clouds, I hope to show you why I enjoy it so much.

Here To Serve,

Eric Farewell



CEO & Founder

Eric Farewell headshot

“Gratitude and Fear can’t live in the same place. We overcome our fears through flight, everyday.