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Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison Background Started at Aviator: First PPG Flight: Callsign: Superpower: Personal Info I am a retired mechanical engineer from SpaceX. I’ve found my home here at Aviator because I truly believe in our manifesto to change people’s lives. I am so proud of my team members and their dedication to our community. Please feel…

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Neil Wight

Neil Wight Callsign: Background Started at Aviator: 11/12/21 First PPG Flight: 9/28/17 Callsign: Superpower: I can fix things! Personal Info I grew up on a dairy farm outside Buffalo NY, where I learned how to take things apart and fix them. I took a 2 year course in high school to learn the machining trade…


AJ Goin

AJ Goin Callsign: “Awkbots” Background Started at Aviator: 2018 First PPG Flight: 2018 Callsign: Awkbots Superpower: Learns new skills quickly Personal Info Life’s too short to not go all out on what I love, trying to maximize what makes life great. Youtube Instagram Aviator School Manager I am thankful everyday for where I am and…

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Chris Beiler

Chris Beiler Callsign: “Slow Roll” Background Started at Aviator: January 2021 First PPG Flight: May 2020 Callsign: Slow Roll Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info As I child every dream I would have was about me flapping my arms and flying into the sky. I thought I could find that in fixed wing…

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Jacob Hutzler

Jacob Hutzler Callsign: “PJ” Background Started at Aviator: April 2021 First PPG Flight: March 2021 Callsign: PJ Superpower: Patient and calm under pressure Personal Info Flying is who I am now. The Jake Hutzler I was before is dead. I am reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix.  Youtube Paramotor Instructor “Eyes closed. Head first.…

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Matt Luebke

Matt Luebke Callsign: “Ninja” Background Started at Aviator: September, 2021 First PPG Flight: January 21, 2021 Callsign: Ninja Superpower: Gets things done Personal Info Hi, my name is Matt Luebke!I’ve been around aviation my whole life, but never in the pilots seat, until training at Aviator. I trained with Aviator at the Dunnellon location in…