Spark Plug Safety Strap

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Spark Plug Safety Strap



Spark Plug Safety Strap

Safety Retainer Ring for spark plug boot cap.

Keeps you plugged in and powered up throughout the fight no matter how bad the vibration/flight conditions get: 7 colors! Fits any 21mm plug

Tired of your plug caps working their way off? Afraid of the potential motor outs over the wrong spot?

Never let a spark plug cap failure end your race again. Spark plug caps can work there way off from vibration or faulty install. The Spark Plug Boot Strap has an aluminum retaining ring that fits over the spark plug and a rubber strap that holds down the cap.

Fits Spark Plugs 21mm/13/16″
Does not work on IAME X30 or similar recessed engine wells.

Additional information

Weight 0.374786 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

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