Heated Glove Liners by Power in Motion

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Heated Glove Liners by Power in Motion



Power in motion:


  • Pair of MotionHeat heated glove liners
  • 2x MotionPack batteries
  • Dual battery charger
  • Stickman wire set for wearing batteries on the body.

Power in Motion’s Heated Glove Liners are truly second to none. They allow comfort in some of the coldest flying conditions we could find yet still allow pilots the dexterity of a thin liner especially when worn with a thin outer shell.

There are 3 levels of power settings built into the MOTIONHeat system.

The HIGH setting will get things warming up quickly within seconds. If you don’t need that quick blast of heat drop it down to the MEDIUM setting. Once the gloves are nice and toasty, reduce it down to the LOW setting to maintain the temperature and save battery life.

The liners are also created with a breathable material so they can help clear out sweat and moisture in case things get a little too hot!

The MOTIONHeat was designed with various purposes and user arrangements in mind.

Each Heated Glove Liner is lined with an inner pocket large enough to comfortably house the battery. The relatively light weight of the batteries prevent strain on the wrists.

For outdoor workers who stay out all day and need less weight on their hands and less bulk can use the included StickMan extension wire to run the batteries from a remote location like in the jacket pocket.
Scale up the battery even more to increase the run-time with additional batteries.

Product Manual may be found here

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3 in

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