*New* for 2023 Design Ozone Sirocco 3/ EN-DGAC Glider

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*New* for 2023 Design Ozone Sirocco 3/ EN-DGAC Glider



New in 2023, We are pleased to announce that the Sirocco 3 is now available in a full range of new standard colors and also in custom colors.


Nothing else changes, the Sirocco 3 remains one of the best-performing wings in its class with technology. This glider has found many adopters across the world since its launch and will continue to be one of the most important products in the Ozone range


High-Performance Light-Weight Intermediate!

The Ozone Sirocco 3 is the light version of the Speedster but offers improved levels of performance, agility, and speed in a lightweight, compact package. Designed predominantly for long-distance PPG XC flights for intermediate to advanced-level pilots, it is a fun, dynamic, and versatile wing that is also perfect for low-level carving, slalom flying, and as a lightweight travel companion.

The design incorporates a fully reflexed profile along with the latest technologies taken from our high-performance paragliding range, the development of which is guided by feedback from paramotor pilots all over the world and tested by the world’s best. Although specifically designed for PPG, due to the high levels of efficiency and excellent handling characteristics the Speedster can also be used for free-flying – ideal for ridge soaring, thermalling even XC flights.

Please note that some sizes and colors may be back-ordered. For up-to-date stock information and lead times, reach out to our sales department (863) 272-9907.

The Pilot

The Sirocco is designed for intermediate and advanced-level pilots alike. However, due to its easy launch and flying characteristics, it is also suitable for intermediate pilots progressing from lower-level wings, such as the Roadster or Kona, along with more experienced pilots who do not want the extra demands of a higher aspect ratio competition-level wing.

Differences compared to the Sirocco 2:

  • 3D shaping leading edge
  • Extra cells and better sink rate performance
  • More performance = better fuel efficiency
  • Higher top speed
  • More speed range in the trimmers
  • More precise and dynamic handling
  • TST or 2D systems pre-installed by the factory, choose your style.

Versatility, agility, and fun

The Sirocco 3 is our most versatile PPG wing yet, suitable for a wide range of pilots and flying styles. A great all-rounder, fantastic for both XC flying and traditional competitions whilst being highly capable of aggressive low-level carving and slalom racing. Choose your style.

Certified DGAC, the SIROCCO 3 is available in six sizes: 18,20, 22, 24, 26, and 28  covering a wide range of pilot weight and power unit combinations. Four standard color schemes are available, in addition to, of course, any custom colors you can dream up using our color generator.

Fast and efficient

3D shaping in the leading edge reduces drag and increases the amount of lift generated. With two extra cells and a cleaner leading edge, combined with the reduced amount of line drag, optimized profile, and longer range trimmers, the Sirocco 3 is the most efficient Sirocco yet and even compared to the Speedster 3 offers improved sink rate and glide performance along with a higher top speed. Ideal for long XC flights, classic competitions, and fun slalom races.

Build your own custom colors here

Contact us to select colors, sizes, and shipping options or to schedule a demo.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 6 in

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