Ozone Angel V2 Square Reserve Parachute

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Ozone Angel V2 Square Reserve Parachute



Ozone Angel V2 Square Reserve Parachute

(includes mallions)

Everyone needs an Angel… even though no one really wants to use theirs. However, the fact is that when the time comes, the most important factors are safety and stability with a low sink rate for a gentle and controlled descent. The high stability and low sink rate, coupled with their affordable price and lightweight make it a safe and popular choice for pilots of all abilities.

The Ozone Angel SQ (square) is the OZONE R&D Team’s choice for reserve parachutes. Testing prototype paragliders in the Southern Alps is a demanding process, and that is why our test pilots use the Angel SQ. In Russ Ogden’s words, “The Angel SQ is clearly superior — as soon as we completed testing I switched to it for all of the flying I do, whether it’s testing, competitions, or just fun XC.”Modern square rescue parachute designs have proven time and again to offer significantly better pendulum stability and sink rate performance than traditional round parachutes, whilst retaining the fast opening times that are critical for our safety. Designed and developed by the OZONE R&D Team, the Angel SQ includes all of his knowledge and experience to create the latest, most up to date development of the concept.

The Angel SQ2 (square 2), released in June 2018, features one pod size to fit all sizes, and better color coding for easier repacking.

Although light, the Angel Round and Angel SQ and SQ2have been fully optimized for safety and reliability rather than weight. When it comes to parachute construction, weight-saving often compromises safety – for example, thinner, lighter line sets can and do fail in certain deployment configurations due to friction cuts. The Angel’s polyamide lines are burn resistant to 200 C, while some other lightweight parachute lines are made from Dyneema and are only resistant to 80 C. This is an important distinction and we recommend that pilots educate themselves about the ultralight equipment that they use. Polyamide lines are far superior due to their elongation properties and burn resistance. The Angel’s materials have been chosen for optimum durability and damage resistance for a greater margin of safety, even in the most extreme situations.

More product information may be found here: http://flyozone.com/paragliders/en/products/reserves-chutes/

  • The Angel 100sq is rated for PPG Pilots whose all up weight (pilot, motor and accessories) is 220 US pounds
  • The Angel 120sq is rated for PPG Pilots whose all up weight (pilot, motor and accessories) is 264 US pounds
  • The Angel 140sq is rated for PPG Pilots whose all up weight (pilot, motor and accessories) is 308 US pounds
  • The Angel 220sq is rated for PPG Pilots whose all up weight (pilot, motor and accessories) is 484 US pounds

 ** Please note the reserve mallions may be required and are included in this purchase

**Reserves NOT in stock have a 30-40 day lead time

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Weight 5.000084 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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