Vittorazi Atom 80: Engine Only

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Vittorazi Atom 80: Engine Only


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The Atom 80 is able to satisfy both the needs of both paramotoring beginners, thanks to its ease of use and simple maintenance, and of those already experienced pilots who want a handy paramotor engine. Designed for everyone, Atom 80 is also the ideal engine for flight schools thanks to the right amount of power and the simplicity of its handling. Lightweight is therefore the keyword for Atom 80, a fuel efficient engine capable of enduring long flights while also providing unparalleled comfort and ease of use, characteristics that make it a faithful friend of long and fun flights.


Atom 80 power curve is smooth and constant, allowing absolute speed control across the entire power range. The engine has an extremely easy and soft pull start. Pilots can always turn on the engine on their shoulders in the maximum safety position without the help of another person. The right amount of take-off power offers simple, straight, clean take-offs with a minimum torque that avoids fluctuations. Students and instructors feel reassured and in a controlled situation during each flight stage.


An exceptional quietness, achieved thanks to thorough research on many different elements, including the exhaust. The low noise emissions give a pleasant flight to the pilot. The exhaust system is designed to provide fast and effective maintenance and ensure the maximum cleaning and safety of the manifold over time. It is extremely compact, divided with a spherical system, and it offers important power performance in relation to the small displacement.


The weight / power ratio has been optimized as the presence of fewer elements simplifies the structure of the engine, reduces weight and enhances reliability. Students can practice much more easily, with less effort, and learn faster: they have major sensitivity to the wing during the flight and run less risks during the take-off and landing stages. It is also the perfect engine for women and slim pilots. It’s very easy to carry along for travel both by car or on the plane.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 30 × 31 in





16 Horsepower at 9.500 RPM


2 stroke

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