100/150Hrs maintenance kit for Moster185 MY22

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100/150Hrs maintenance kit for Moster185 MY22


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100/150 Hour Maintenance Kit: Vittorazi Moster 185 MY22

***PLEASE NOTE: 100/150hr kit includes additional parts from what is shown in the picture. Please see the list below for complete list of included parts*****

Save time and money by purchasing all the required maintenance parts all in one kit. If you’ve been around paramotors any amount of time, you know that having spare parts on hand is a great way to keep Murphys law off your back.

This 100/150 Hrs maintenance kit includes almost everything you can imagine EXCEPT a piston kit(M010a,b,c ect). It is important to have your cylinder measured so that the appropriate piston size can be selected to fit your cylinder. Over time, cylinder bores wear ever so slightly and it is critical that the piston-to-cylinder clearance is within tolerances. This tolerance chart can be found in the Moster maintenance manual found at https://vittorazi.com/en/manual-and-documentations/. Any powersports service center can measure this bore for you or you can send your cylinder to us to have it measured correctly. Call or email 863-272-9907 ext. 704 or [email protected] to arrange the work order.


Vittorazi Part Number: KIT100/150M22

**Genuine Vittorazi Parts**



1- M005 Bearing 47/20/14 mm – C3 (Set of 2)

1- M006 Oil Seal Viton 20/35/7 mm (Set of 2)

1- M009 Piston Roller Bearing

3- M019.5 Copper Lock Nut High Temperature (Set of 5)

2- M020 NGK BR9ES

1- M021A Antivibration Mounts (Set of 2)

1- M021B Antivibration Mounts (Set of 2)

1- M021F Security Band (Set of 2)

1- M025 Complete Series of Gaskets

1- M031a Spark Plug Cap (Selettra)

1- MP055K Kit Plastic Hook (Set of 2) with Shim Washers (Set of 6) and Elastic Ring

1- M043 Starter Rope

1- M082 Reed Valve Petal (Set of 2))

1- M097 Series Membrane and Gaskets for Walbro WB

1- AT093a Air Box Rubber Manifold With Sponge

1- MP093d.4 Snap lock Female 16mm, grey (Set of 4)

1- M094.2 Fixing Band 50-70mm (Set of 2)

1- MP102 Complete Clutch

1- MP106 Bearing 35/15/11 mm and Bearing 35/15/11 mm

1- MP107a.2 Drum/Pinion Cap (Set of 2)

1- MP117 Belt

1- M114 Bearing 42/20/12 mm (Set of 2)

1- MY200a Exhaust Black, initial part

1- MY201 Exhaust Flange, With Assembled Bushing 40/50 Hour and Springs

1- M151a Antivibration Mount Left

1- M151C Antivibration Mount Right (Set of 2)

1- MP159- Noise Absorbent Material

1- M139.5 Exhaust Springs (Set of 5)

1- MP140.5 Heat Shrink Tubing (Set of 5)

1- MP141.5 Security Cable With Clamp (Set of 5)

1- MP105.5 Seeger 35mm (Set of 5)

1- MP107.5 Seeger 15mm (Set of 5)

1- M141a Fixing Kit for Silencer Bracket

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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