25/50Hrs maintenance kit for Factory-R MY22 *

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25/50Hrs maintenance kit for Factory-R MY22 *


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25/50Hrs maintenance kit for Factory-R MY22 *

Covers MY20-22

This kit covers the first 50 hours of maintenance for the Factory R. The maintenance schedule is different for the Factory R vs. the Moster and a few more items are required for a complete 25/50 hour service. Buy it all at once in this convenient kit and save time and money!


1 – MFR025 Complete Gasket Kit

1 – MFR082 Reed Valve Petal (Set of 2)

1 – M117 Belt Poly V 15 Groove

2 – ACC090 Iridium EIX Spark Plug

1 – MP093d.4 Snap Lock Female Grey (Set of 4)

1 -MY202 Bronze Bushing 40/50hr with springs and cable

1 – M139.5 Exhaust Springs (Set of 5)

1 – MP140.5 Heat Shrink Tubing (Set of 5)

1 – MP141.5 Security Cable 45cm With Aluminum Clamp (Set of 5)

1 – ACC132 MolyKote G-N Plus Paste gr 100


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