Vittorazi Motors

More than two decades of work in the field of paramotor engine production

Light, reliable, powerful, low consumption and suitable for any level of preparation: the Vittorazi engines are the result of the work of a highly specialized technical team.

Ideas and projects all built from the dream of being able to create something that did not exist yet.

This is how Vittoriano Orazi, the founder of Vittorazi Motors, managed to create a unique company which was destined to fly high in time. Vittoriano was a visionary man with a brilliant intuition, who came from the world of radio-controlled car models. Then he saw the ‘minimotos’ in Japan in the mid-1980s, when they were still unknown in the rest of the world, he brought one to Italy and replicated it, thus starting production. In the mid-1990s, Vittoriano wanted to venture into the world of flight, that was still unexplored, and in that moment something extraordinary happened: thanks to the strong technical know-how gained working on small ‘minimoto’ engines, he was able to start the creation and then the production of engines for paramotors.

A great work, that left its mark. 

With Vittoriano, the company had a fast development, becoming immediately one of the reference points for amateurs and professional pilots. Today, after 30 years, Vittorazi Motors is one of the world market leaders in the field of paramotor engines, driven with passion and wisdom by Matteo and Andrea, Vittoriano’s two sons. “A long and eventful journey full of intense moments. During the years – they said – we never stopped believing in the development of the company, always driven by our great love for engines”.

Cosmos 300


Cosmos 300 is the latest engine born in the Vittorazi house whose name tells a lot; is the synthesis of the company’s ambition to overcome its own limits to head towards conquering new flying possibilities by officially entering the market for trikes, hang gliders and minimal ultralights. An important step that only true leaders can dare.

36hp @ 7,500 RPM
Liquid Cooled
Airbox silencer - Diaphragm carburettor - Integrate choke system - Reed valve intake
Cosmos300 1 1024x846 1

The airbox with which we equipped the Cosmos 300 is the result of an in-depth flushing analysis in order to optimize the speed of the air inside and thus ensure the correct pressure towards the carburetor.

The result is always constant power delivery, with ready restarts at any speed, without uncertainties in sudden acceleration. The Cosmos 300 is equipped with a Tillotson diaphragm carburetor which also offers maximum performance in terms of power, consumption and regularity in delivery even in critical atmospheric conditions.