Air Conception

Thank you and Farewell to Air Conception!

For over 3 years, we at Aviator worked hard to build the recognition of the Air Conception Paramotor brand, supporting our customer’s with our industry leading service, and stocking a large amount of parts for warranty claims, etc.

However, as the needs of our clients grew, we began to add additional brands that could better scale with our Aviator family.

After a few months of working with these new brands, it soon became clear that their fit, finish, design mentality, and their dedication to supporting their pilots was truly top-level and exactly what we were looking for.


Parajet’s entire philosophy is built around impeccable design. They build their frames at a factory that looks like it should belong to a racing team. Form, functionality, GREAT looks, perfect performance at every level. The customer experience is thought of from beginning to end.

Fly Products

Fly Products has one of the most incredible pedigrees in the business. Over 30 years of flying, designing, building frames, and developing an incredible team of passionate Aviators all over the world. Their motors perfectly bridge the gap between value and cost, allowing more pilots than ever to take to the skies. Their trikes are in a league of their own. Powerful, comfortable, and designed for maximum efficiency.

We hope you’ll join us in considering these new brands. We believe they’re some of the best the industry has to offer and we are so proud to offer them to our clients!!

-Eric Farewell