The Foundry House

Our founder’s home & guest house, two homes separated by a covered walkway, this property looks like a well loved family home because it has been one for the past half decade. Thoughtful upgrades throughout highlight the spaciousness and bright natural light.

A massive patio with bistro lights twinkling above showcase perfect sunsets with an incredible view of the large lake accessible from our white sand beach. Take out our 16′ sailboat or partner with the staff to enjoy powerboats and wake skating or enjoy a fire in our “smokeless” Solo stove. Plan a cook out with your family or fellow students on our pellet smoker or Blackstone. 

Bok Tower glitters in the distance above our food forest with fresh bananas, mangos, papaya, coffee, avocados, and more. Two bathrooms in the main house and one in the guest house are augmented by an outdoor shower and hot tub.

Whether you choose to stay in the main home, or guest house, you’ll be just 7.5 miles from Aviator.  There are four bedrooms in the main house and two in the guest house. You are invited to rent the whole property for your family, or rent single rooms and create the ultimate memories with your fellow students.


Whole Property: $450/night
Individual Private Rooms: $85/night
50AMP Full Service RV spot available also: $45/night

Please contact: [email protected] for booking or any questions.

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